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Things to look out for When Choosing a Budget Hotel

10/8/2013 4:33:16 PM | by Anonymous

Hotels: Jakarta

With the rising prices of everything, going for a trip can be quite a costly decision. A good way to save money but still be able to travel at the same time would be to go backpacking and finding the most affordable hotel. This article will be sharing some ways to find a good budget hotel and the things you should be looking out for.

Most people would think that the first thing to consider is the cost, which is only true to a certain extent. This is because many budget hotels offer the same prices to fight with the competition. Thus, it is important to look deeper in order to find the best value for your money. In the past, guide books such as ‘lonely planet’ have been a good way to find out good reviews about hotels and hostels. However, these guidebooks quickly become obsolete. Furthermore, many hotels which have good reviews are often quickly taken up and become full, so many of the hotels rely on the good reviews and there is a drop in quality of the hotels. There are also some people who do not wish to follow the norm and want to look for a unique place to stay. The internet has also made it very easy to find cheap hotels, thus many people search for the hotels online, read the reviews and if the reviews are good they can then proceed to make a booking. But what is considered a good hotel?

While it is true that many people have their own preferences and tastes, there are some basic factors which will cater to most people. The factors are cleanliness, security, customer service, enjoyment and style.

The first factor is cleanliness which is an extremely important one, considering the fact that you are going to be resting there after a long day of exploring. Chances are you would want a clean and comfortable environment. Unlike the past, budget hotels do try their best to maintain the rooms and area. The hotels have to be extremely clean and neat in order to attract more people.

The second factor is security. This is a factor that is expected. When people check-in to a hotel, they are usually new to the environment. This means that they will feel vulnerable and unsafe. Hotels should have good building security, lockers, a safe at the reception, or even better if it’s in the room. If people do not feel that the place is safe, then they will simply look for another hotel.

The third factor is the customer service. This is one of the most important factors in making people go back to the hotel in the future. The staff and experience are what guests usually remember most when they leave the hotel. This means that the hotel staff has to be welcoming, helpful and friendly. The staff also has to be knowledgeable and willing to please customers. If the staff are unfriendly, it will definitely hurt the reviews that will be given about the hotel and their business overall.

The hotels may be safe, secure and have good customer service but the people will not remember it because there was nothing special about it. To distinguish themselves from the rest, hotels should have some sort of event to make the visitors’ stay enjoyable and fun. This may include tours and trips to other parts of the city or even special events at the hotel itself. A good way for travelers to meet each other would be to hold parties or barbeques. Many of the better hotels have facilities such as swimming pools, bars and pool tables. Hotels with such activities will definitely distinguish themselves from the competition and earn themselves an excellent review online.

The last criteria would is style. This refers to the theme of the hotel and what type of vibe it gives to the visitors. This includes the style of the building, the rooms, the decorations and many more. The style depends on the visitors though. Some people may like a clean modern look, whereas others may prefer a theme from that country they are visiting. However, not all hotels have a style and they appear to be extremely normal. This is one of the most common types of reviews that people give, making it important for hotels to find their own style.

If a hotel is able to meet these 5 factors, then you can be sure that your stay there would be a pleasant one. Even if the hotel meets these requirements, they should constantly be improving and upgrading themselves to stay ahead of the competition.

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