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Herbal Healer: What is Caralluma

2/26/2013 4:19:34 PM | by Anonymous

Herbal Food

Most experts would agree that many countries have obesity crisis and it is on the rise. Overweight people are increasing and their overall health is suffering because of it. For people who are looking to make a change in their health and in their weight, there are many options available. There are medical options and there are herbal options that can be tried.


An herbal option that is new on the market is Caralluma. This is a plant that grows naturally in India. This plant can also be found growing wildly in Africa, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia to name a few places. Though Caralluma can be found in many places, it is most often found and used in India.


Historically, Indian tribes would use Caralluma as a hunger suppressant. They would chew on the bark of the plant to help decrease their appetite. This was also the case during hard times. This plant was referred to as a “famine food.” During hard times when food was scared and need to be rationed, people would use this plant to suppress their appetite. This would help them to pass the time and not need to eat as much. This plant grows naturally in the wild and it was fairly easy to find.


Currently, chemicals from this plant are being used for weight loss benefits. People are taking this to keep their appetites under control and forcing themselves to eat less. While history backs up these claims, studies are being done to completely understand the benefits of this plant. Studies are being done on the plant in its natural form and in various versions to get the full effect of what this plant may or may not be able to do.


So far there is insufficient evidence for the benefits of this plant and the different versions of this plant that are available. Studies show positive results but it is still too early to come to a final conclusion. Initial reports are showing this plant is helpful for helping to control appetites and to control weight. The plant needs to be taken regularly and consistently for up to 60 days to have the full effect.


People may experience some side effects initially while taking Caralluma. Some of those side effects that may be experienced are an upset stomach, gas, stomach pain and constipation. These side effects will generally go away on their own after the first week of taking the plant.


There are different versions of Caralluma that can be taken. Historically, it was chewed directly in its natural form. People can cook the plant and add it to their foods to get the effects as well. Currently, the plant is being marketed in a different way. Some makers are taking a Caralluma extract and mixing it with green tea. This is then being sold to the public.


More and more people are becoming aware of the positive benefits of Caralluma. Not everything is completely known about this plant but many studies are showing positive results. People with weight issues are likely to use a product of this nature due to the natural abilities.


The obesity epidemic seems like it is here to stay and that is it only getting worse. If people do not do something positive to make a change, they may suffer disastrous effects from being too heavy. Being overweight or obese is not only uncomfortable but it is very unhealthy.


Taking a product such as Caralluma is an easy and effective way to control weight and take off some pounds. Reducing weight in a natural way can be more effective and can be a way to keep the weight off for good. Caralluma may just be the answer to a healthy weight and a better lifestyle.


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