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Importance of Hardware Tools for DIY Home Projects

5/17/2012 10:38:36 AM | by Anonymous


Contacting contractors to do home improvements and repairs can be costly. There are tasks that we wish we can do ourselves such as drilling a screw on the wall so we can mount paintings and ornaments. Meticulous works such as building shelves and cabinets are used to be only done by experts. However, practicing and equipping ourselves with common hardware tools could suffice for us to do simple home repair without the need of hiring and paying a carpenter to do the job.


The common hardware tools that should be present in every home are hammer, screwdriver, wrench, pliers and saw. There are ready made furniture that can be bought which come into pieces when delivered to our home and need to be set up. They can arrive with nuts, bolts, nails and screws which will be used to join the parts. These fastening tools can not be easily driven to the wood using our mere hands alone. They would require the use of hardware tools in order for them to be attached tightly and effectively hold the parts together. I tried this once and it was simple to do since I have all the necessary hardware tools.


In our house, I remembered my father built shelves, tables and cabinets to use for our dirty kitchen. He is the type of person who looks for things to do to make him busy so I guess it has been a habit for him to build something that can be used to improve our house. It was normal for me to see hammers, saw and blocks of wood in our garage. It would look like a mess but once he is done, I am amazed to be able to see a newly built furniture that is truly useful. The most important thing after he finished his project is seeing how satisfied he is. For us, we are simply glad to have extra shelves to place our cookware and my mom loves the fact that they did not shell out money for hiring to build them. The cost of the hardware tools when purchased does not really count since they can be used several times and can last for long.

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