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3 Great Restaurants To Eat At When In Brisbane

3/5/2013 3:16:19 PM | by Anonymous

Asian Restaurant

If you are on a vacation trip to Brisbane with your family members, then you should take a night out to dine in some of the well known and popular restaurants in Brisbane. Whatever is the type of food that you would like to enjoy, be it Chinese or Indian or French or Italian cuisine or even native Australian cuisine, there are plenty of restaurants that you will come across Brisbane that serves these kinds of foods. There are plenty of restaurants that you will come across in the main streets of Brisbane that serves authentic dishes and that too at affordable prices.


Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant

If you are a person who loves to crave for Chinese food, then you have a very good place in Brisbane that you should never miss and this place is known as the Super Bowl and it is located in Fortitude Valley. It is a very popular Chinese restaurant in Brisbane area and it is normally packed with people celebrating their birthdays or wedding anniversaries. It is a perfect place to booze and dinner and to spend a colorful and happy boozy night. There are quite a few interesting dishes that you will get in the Super Bowl restaurant like mean pork belly, salt and pepper quail, varieties of fried rice and soups and to top it up you have the most desired deep fried ice cream dessert.


Sings Asian Kitchen

If you would like to go for fusion Asian food for dinner, then Sings Asian Kitchen is the perfect place to visit that is located in Rosalie. It is a very popular suburban Asian restaurant that offers you a fusion menu that comprises of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. The foods served at Sings Asian Kitchen is made from natural ingredients as well as are authentic dishes and you will never feel disappointed after eating at Sings. Some of the popular dishes at Sings are: coconut fish, special noodles, sugar cane prawn salad and much more.


Lefka’s Taverna And The Vietnamese Restaurant

Lefka’s, on the other end of Hardgrove Road, is a popular spot to taste some of your favorite Greek dishes like Slovakia, moussaka and spanakopita. You have a wide choice of seafood and meat dishes that you will feel like never stopping to lick your fingers. The best part is that Lefka’s Taverna offers its customers the option to sit in or to dine outdoors. If you are game for Vietnamese food, then the best place to go to in Brisbane is of course the Vietnamese restaurant. You will find all kinds of popular Vietnamese dishes at affordable rates. Also, Trang Vietnamese is another popular restaurant in Brisbane that serves authentic Vietnamese food at affordable prices.



There are many more restaurants that you will find in and around Brisbane that serves you some of the favorite cuisines from round the world. Doing a research on the internet will help you to find the favorite cuisine restaurant in Brisbane very easily.


Author Bio: Matt Anton loves traveling and eating various foods. He can be found on plane rides writing about various topics from his backlinking blog and sipping on a cool refreshment.

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