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Gondola in Singapore

8/23/2013 3:44:11 PM | by Anonymous


Gondola is a vessel used to bring people from one place to another. Most people know it as a form of attraction such as the flat-bottomed boat widely popular in Venice. However, a gondola may also refer to an aerial lift or the rides similar to cable cars. A not very popular yet another way gondola can be described to is the basket carried by hot air balloon that supports passengers and cargoes. Riding gondolas is a great way to view most parts of the city you are visiting in a relaxed manner. In some countries, gondolas are being used by the local residents as a form of transportation so they can avoid road traffic and go up and down the hill with ease. But for tourists, they see them as a must-try attraction.


The popular gondolas found in Venice are known for its unique feature. They are slightly curved to the right so they can be rowed only at the right side and still manage to move in a straight path. This design is created so that the boats can move more freely on the narrow canals. Gondolier, the person who operates the gondola, stands while steering the boat. A common type of this vessel can transport up to six people while larger ones can carry as much as twenty person. The aerial lift gondolas are made up of a loop of steel cables holding passenger cabins that are connected from one station to another. They are run by an electric bullwheel that pulls the cable that circulates between the two turning points.


Singapore is one of the countries that built a Gondola; the one being referred here is the cable car. It was primarily built to boost the tourism in Singapore. It serves as an aerial link from Mount Faber to Sentosa which is one of the must visit tourist spots when you go to this country. It is where the Sentosa Island Casino can be found, a haven for people who enjoy thoughtless spending of money. It is also where one can unwind by visiting the beach and have a choice to dine a sumptuous meal from the many restaurants in the island.


The regular gondola ride costs 26sgd. This amount is considered luxurious for the locals since there is an option to take the boardwalk or the monorail which will cost them a pint or nothing at all. Those who want to make most of their visit in Singapore can try the VIP cabin. However, you might need to shell out a big fortune for VIP cabin as it can cost a little lower than S$1000. The price is inclusive of dinner for four at Mount Faber restaurant and champagne while riding the VIP cable. The cabin has a glass surface allowing the passengers a wider view of the city.


If you thought of riding the gondola, it is best to purchase a 2 way ride and take it at different time of the day so you can enjoy the day view as well as the fascinating sunset and the city lights at night.

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