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Getting to know Machine Tools and its Kinds

7/1/2015 1:49:48 PM | by Xiao Nan Heng

Machine Tools

Machine Tools are a device dedicated for machining and shaping rigid materials like metal. It is usually done by boring, cutting, grinding, shearing and many more and can be operated manually or automatically. Machine tools are used to aid the user for accomplishing tasks faster and more efficient.

There are different kinds of machine tools and every tool has its own unique application so it is important to know the basic information regarding its application and kind.

Kinds of machine tools:

• Broaching Machine – uses toothed tools (broach) for removing materials. It has two types, the linear and rotary. Linear broaching runs linearly against the surface of the material while rotary broaching, the broach is pressed and rotated to the material in cutting an axis asymmetric shape.
• Drill Press – it is a rigid type of drill which is mounted in a stand or bolted to the floor. It is typically used in woodworking for superior and precise results.
• Gear Shaper – this machine tool is typically used for cutting teeth of the external or internal gears. A Gear shaper processes by continuous rotational cutting of gears which is on the same plane to produce more suitable and flexible technique of gear cutting.
• Hobbing Machine – a machine tool which uses a machining process called hobbing, this process is applicable for cutting splines, gear cutting, and cutting sprockets.
• Honing Machine – is ideal for finishing cylinders of internal combustion engine, gears, and bearing spindle. It uses the process of honing which is an abrasive machining process that generates precision surface in a metal by scouring an abrasive stone in a controlled path.
• Lathe – is a kind of machine tool that rotates the work material on its axis for executing different work process such as sanding, knurling, cutting, drilling, deformation and many more. Lathe is commonly used in metal working, wood turning, thermal spraying, glass working and parts reclamation.
• Screw Machine – it is well-known as the automated lathe that machine turn parts, Screw machine process the components by a very fast rotating lathe that trims down the metal to its desired size.
• Milling Machine – has a rotary cutter for removing materials from the shell of the work piece. This Milling Machine is applicable in different solid materials like woods and metals and it can be positioned either horizontally or vertically in carving out materials based on its existing design.
• Shearing Machine – there are many types of shear that is used for shearing sheet metals.
- Bench Shear is known as lever shear. It is a bench mounted shear that has compound mechanism with increased mechanical advantage. Ideal for cutting medium sized metal into rough shape form.
- Power Shears is a pneumatic or electric tool constructed for blanking outsized pieces of sheet metal. It is applicable in cutting straight line and large radius curves.
- Throatless Shear is suitable for curved cuts and straight cuts in a sheet metal.
• Shaper – a machine tool which applies a linear relative motion between the single point cutting tools and the work materials. The cutting output of shaper is the same as lathe except that it’s linear and not helical.
• Multitasking Machines (MTMs) – CNC machine tools that consist of many axes and combine milling, turning, grinding and material handling into one machine tool.

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