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Types of Pressure Gauges

Date Updated : 4/30/2012 10:27:04 AM

Pressure Gauge is a device designed for measuring the pressure of a liquid or gas. It promotes safety on industrial operations such as power plant, laboratory, transportation and factories. It is important in determining the proper pressure of substances to ensure the quality of a product and avoid explosion of equipment. The several types of pressure gauges are air pressure gauge, oil pressure gauges and differential pressure gauges.


Air pressure gauges evaluate the amount of gas contained in an object necessary for its optimum use. They are commonly used in measuring the air in tires. A flat tire causes a vehicle to slow down, flatten more, wear out and if prolonged can cause the tire to explode. Tire pressure gauges are also used to check excess air. Excess air pressure reduces rolling resistance and makes tires stiff.


Oil pressure gauge is an instrument found on the dashboard of a car which shows the oil pressure. Low oil level is signaled by a light or a sharp drop. Oil has to be replenished once these signs appear to prevent engine damage. Not enough oil flowing on the engine can cause it to overheat resulting for the car to suddenly stop functioning even while on the road.


Differential pressure gauges can measure both gases and liquids. An example of this is aircraft gauges. They do readings of pressures in two different locations. The movement of oil as it enters and leaves the filter which normally requires two different gauges are determined. Aircraft gauges calculate the difference of the pressure allowing operators to check them at one point. Operators need to make sure that there is no great difference in pressure between the inside and the outside to avoid stress on the plane’s structure.


Pressure gauges make sure that automobiles are working at their best. Without them, the person driving a car and those on the street would not be safe.

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