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Gas Fires May Be Better for the Environment Than You Think

6/14/2013 11:08:10 AM | by Anonymous

Gas Fired Boilers

When it's cold the first thing that comes to your mind is to find a way to raise the temperature and provide a comfortable interior environment. Gas fires make this happen with less effort by providing your home with quick heating within a short time. They also do not contribute so much hazardous elements to the environment compared to wood burning. In addition to that they provide quality interior decoration that adds value and beauty to your home. But are they safe for use in the home? Is it a wiser environmental choice for anyone to install gas fire systems instead of the traditional wood burning for any purpose at all? Here are some points for you to ponder about.


Gas fires provide faster heating than wood burning. Within seconds of turning it on, your home will begin to warm in order to provide that final temperature value that you desire. This means that you use less gas to provide more heating compared to the number of wood logs required to provide the same amount of heating. You also don't need to go out and chop wood outside or store them in a place before you use them. These activities expose people to safety hazards and eats up space that could have been used for more productive things.


It's no more news that the major problem the world is facing now is the issue of climate change. This is caused mainly by an increase in carbon dioxide and decrease in oxygen in the component of the environment; due to the killing of millions of trees. By using gas fires, you are helping to reduce deforestation when fewer trees are felled for the purpose of burning fires with the use of wood. Also, there are no physical residues left after the burning. The ashes left after wood burning can cause dust in the house which can lead to cold and other health problems.


However, gas fires have been said to also release a large amount of carbon dioxide to the environment when they are burning. Even though this point has not been sufficiently proven scientifically, the point still remains that their use doesn't remove oxygen from the environment the way tree cutting does. Gas fires are also considered to be very dangerous for use in the home. You will have to spend extra attention trying to get the kids away from it and you can't just sit in front of it while you sip your coffee. Gas fires increase your gas bills and may not be friendly to the plants you keep in the interiors. So do they add to the carbon footprint that contributes to global warming? Yes they do, but at a very low rate. This makes them a preferred choice compared to many other types of heating.


People who live in apartments without fireplaces will find gas fires an alternative to provide heating for the homes in time of cold. This is because they are easy to set up and don't require the extensive initial investment before they can work. They do not take much space and you don't need to worry about the kids playing with the ashes after burning. They also require less maintenance and the fire can easily be put off at any time with just the press of a button. Some gas fires come with a remote control that allow you to manipulate the intensity of the fire with respect to the level of heating that is required. This is something you cannot get from wood burning. Because of this, gas fires are considered to be useful in managing fuel resources and reducing waste.


Author Bio: This has been a guest post from Air and Water, a Perth based company specialising in air conditioning units and gas fires. So whether you need an eco friendly solution for winter or summer, they've got you covered.


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