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Furnaces Types and Their Functions

4/30/2012 9:42:12 AM | by Anonymous


A heating system is helpful even on a country where the temperature is constantly hot and humid like Singapore. Similar to most countries, there are months in Singapore when the climate is at its coldest. In order to overcome the cool weather condition, some residents install furnaces in their homes.


Furnace is an enclosed structure that is designed to generate heat. Aside from providing warmth for household, there are furnaces wherein the heat produced can reduce ores and smelt metals. They are fueled by natural gas, wood, fuel oil, propane and corn pellets. Heated air is distributed by burning these substances and the gas emitted are sent to heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are curved metal tubes located within the home’s air ducts wherein the gas coming from the former causes the air from the latter warmed up. They serve as a filter since an air directly released by furnaces can be poisonous.


Among the fuel substances, natural gas is the most commonly used. Gas furnaces have a thermostat that signals the furnace to ignite the gas once the temperature drops below the specified level. Natural gas supplies heat in a convenient and cost-efficient manner. It consumes less energy compared to other types of furnaces. Another way to utilize furnaces more efficiently is having a heat exchange for warming water. A separate water heater running in your house gives a remarkable increase on the electric bill.


Heat pump is a type of furnace that can be used all through out the year. It serves as heating and cooling structure. Buying heat pump furnaces can be less expensive than installing a central air conditioner and a heating system. They use electricity, propane, or natural gas to create heated gases.


Furnaces are devices that are often given little thought since they function out of homeowner’s sight. They tend to be noticed only when the temperature is not as comfortable as what it usually does. Just like any other machines, they need to be maintained to avoid paying for repairs or worst replacing your furnace.

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