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Fundamentals of Door Handles

8/11/2015 10:01:29 AM | by Lianah Tsui

Door Handles

A door handle is an important mechanism applied to any door for opening and closing purposes. It is a fixed or lever operated door latch device which is popularly known as a door knob. A door handle can be applied as door handles for kitchen cabinets, bathroom door handles, shower door handles, as well as sliding door handles, and car door handles. It also has a latch bolt placed at the end of the cylinder which used to project onto the space cut up on the door frame preventing it from being opened. The key pass to a circular keyhole cover known as the Escutcheon plates entering the lock body.

A door knob or handle set that refers to a round mechanism with a combination of latch/handle is traditionally used by most buildings but having a disadvantage to young and elderly since it is difficult to operate. A door lever type is preferred for many household since it doesn’t require a tight grip which adds comfort during opening and closing a door. It is usually place at the exact center of the door and can be few centimeters or inches away from the edge depending on the style whether it is a modern door handle or an antique door handle.

Door handles and knobs are used for a wide range of applications including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and sites. Typical door handles with locks consist of a spindle or a bolt sitting above the cylinder. This cylinder will be pulled in the same direction where the knob is being turned. Both exterior door handles and interior door handles can use a door knob or door lever type of door handles.

Types of Door Knob / Door Handle
• Household Handles
- Entrance
It can be used for both exterior and interior applications. It is designed to be lockable on both sides and can be unlocked using a key on the outside or using the turn button inside.
- Privacy
It is used to access private rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. It features a lock mechanism as the button turns. The knob has a small hole on the other side allowing a small emergency key to open it if needed.
- Passage
It is usually applied on hallways or closets. Its knobs are not lockable that can turn freely which makes it ideal for children’s playroom and bathroom to prevent them from locking themselves in it.
- Dummy
This is mainly designed for decorative purposes where it doesn’t have latch and can’t be locked. It is typically installed on double doors which close side by side.

• Car Door Handle
It is designed to protrude from the exterior surface of the vehicle. Some luxurious automobiles do have a door handle featuring a key less entry pad that is either numerically code or thumb scan.

• Foldable Door Handle
It is a special door handle featuring its foldable design and is usually used on a door that has an outside shutter. It has a ring-shaped protruding part that can be folded sideways in order for the shutter to be fully closed without being interfered by the handle.

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