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Functions of Paintings

5/4/2012 8:25:26 AM | by Anonymous


I consider a piece a work of art when it is unique and not widely marketed. One best example of this is painting. Paintings are typically one of a kind and created solely by the artist to depict his emotion and ideas. If a displayed portrait is available in several copies, it is not an art but simply a framed picture commercially manufactured for consumers.


The function of paintings has evolved over time. They let us know the way of living of the early times through their drawing. This is one reason why we can see paintings displayed in museums because of their historical value. Nowadays, paintings serve a different purpose. Artists continuously create paintings to symbolize present situations. Even still life paintings are considered art because a part of the artists’ persona will certainly remain.


It is almost impossible to get a hold of classic paintings because they are either very costly or so valuable they are only made available for public viewing in museums in order to preserve them. Modern paintings, though can be equally fascinating, are mostly used for office and home decoration. Those who hang art pieces to their walls might have recognized the benefits of this type of art.


Paintings bring a different effect on the atmosphere of the room where it is decorated. They are always thought to be elegant pieces of artwork and this image of sophistication rebounds to the room as well. For those who do not know much about art settle with replicas of renowned paintings. You will never go wrong with them since their exquisiteness stood the tests of time. Art enthusiasts are more experienced in selecting the right artwork that will suit them. They can choose pieces that can go along with the current theme of the room interior.


The perfect paintings are those that resonate into our heart, mind and emotions once we see them. These impacts to us simply mean we feel and understand what the painter is trying to convey and resembles part of our personality.

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