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Functions of Glaziers

7/11/2012 1:04:53 PM | by Anonymous


Glaziers are construction professionals that specialize in the cutting and placement of glass into homes, commercial office buildings or even churches. The profession requires a high level of skills and hiring a glazier can be very costly especially if the job that the glazier would be tasked to requires great amount of precision and quality or risk. The term glazier comes from the English word glass or “glas”. A regular glazier would usually select the type of glass to be used in a structure, cut, install, remove or replace glasses in residential, commercial or other structures that make use of glass as part of the structure. The job also involves installation of frames that would hold the glass piece.


Usually, a person becomes a glazier by first undergoing training by being an apprentice to a professional glazier from whom he or she would learn all about the job requirements and tasks that he or she would have to carry out. Most apprentice students would start out by performing basic tasks around the workshop to be able to familiarize themselves with the different types of glasses. They would then follow the professional glazier to worksites and learn how tasks are carried out. The job of an apprentice gets more intensive as he or she learns more about the job; for example learning about the different types of glasses, handling them, learning how to cut different type of glass and structural supports that are needed to support the glass piece. The apprentice can work on residential or commercial buildings. It takes approximately about fours years before an apprentice is able to complete his or her training and schooling and then pursuing a professional career as a glazier.


In modern day residences, the job of a glazier is eliminated as homes usually have standard window sizes that can be mass produced. They can be bought from the market and usually have pre-installed frames supporting them as well, so therefore all a user would have to do is simply install the window in place. However, glaziers may still aid the installation of glass in shower enclosures, cabinets and so forth. In the construction of buildings such as office buildings, glaziers play an important role during the construction phase and that is to ensure that the large glass pieces receive enough support to remain in their position securely and not succumb. Most modern office buildings tend to make use of large glass pieces to replace traditional concrete walls, thus the glaziers play a very crucial role in the construction. The job here may also involve high levels of risk as glass pieces may be required to be installed at great heights.


The job of a glazier can be classified as a form of art, as it would require an individual to posses a certain level of skills and creativity. Some glaziers take glass pieces of different colors, cut them and join them with pieces of different colors to create a large masterpiece. This form of work is usually done for churches where one would be able to see glass being used as a form of decorative element. Glaziers who would perform this job should have a very high level of skills and knowledge to perform their job most effectively.


Selecting the right glazier to carry out a job can be a difficult task, therefore one should have relevant knowledge about whom he or she is going to hire. Firstly the individual should do relevant research as to who is a professional in the field. Once that has been done, he or she should make clear to the glazier what their desired results are. Everything should be made clear between the glazier and the customer before commencement of a job to prevent capita and time loss. Different fields may require different types of glazier; therefore one should always be sure the type of glazier they require to complete their task. A good glazier should also quote a reasonable price for their job and not a ridiculous price for a simple task.


The job of a glazier can be very interesting, fun and exciting yet at the same time very risky.

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