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Functions of Demisters

7/10/2012 12:43:18 PM | by Anonymous


Demisters can be used in several different applications and devices and their purpose varies in accordance to their application. Mirror demisters serve the purpose to prevent glass or mirror surface from becoming fogged up with mist deposit. Not only can demisters be used in household appliances, there is another category of demisters that works differently from the regular demisters used in household appliances and it has different functions and purposes.


The use of demisters in everyday activities can be in the sense to remove fog from mirrors in bathrooms, scuba equipments or car windows. Manufacturers of these products may also develop a customized product to meet the requirements of the user. In the case of scuba equipment, fog always tends to accumulate on the glass surface of goggles, leaving divers with difficulty of seeing things. Some divers may spit on their equipments and then wash them off immediately with water to prevent mist build up. This is just one of the tactics used by divers amongst the many solutions. For this case, demisters are chemical products that can be poured onto the glass of the goggles to remove and prevent build of fog. These solutions can be found in dive shops or online diving catalogs.


Cars glasses tend to fog up when there is a difference in temperature of the inside and outside surroundings. This usually happens when the temperature of the window is cooler as compared to the air temperature. The difference in temperature causes the water vapor in the air to condense on the window surface causing it to fog up. This fog can impair visibility of the driver which can be very dangerous; therefore the need for demisters. For this case, demisters are a type of device that can heat up the glass surface to be in level with the temperature of the surrounding air. As the temperatures are made level, it prevents condensation and along with that it also dissipates any water vapor that may have condensed on the glass surface. Any frost on the glass cannot be removed by these devices as they only function to dissipate mist on glasses.


Another device that works similarly to this is the bathroom mirror demister. The mirrors in bathroom tend to fog up when the hot shower is turned on. The heat from the hot water warms up the air leaving the surface of the mirror to be cooler than the air temperature. This causes the excess water droplets in the air to get deposited on the surface of the mirror. Fogging would not occur if a cold shower is used instead of a hot shower as cold water would not affect the mirror surface in any way. The fogging of the surface can be a nuisance when trying to shave or wash up, therefore mirror demisters have be used to overcome this obstacle. These demisters just like those used in car glass windows work by the same principal; warming up the glass surface to prevent fogging. Sometimes, they may even be connected to the light switch thus, only functional when the light is turned on.


Demisters used in industrial process work in a different way as compared to demisters used at home as both have different purposes. They are usually installed inside a vapor or liquid separator that is used in industrial process to separate liquid droplets from the vapor that would be used for different processes. They are designed in a mesh type coalescer or vane pack that would accumulate the mist (water droplets) and channeling them downwards whilst the vapor stream travels upwards and out of the separator to be used for industrial processes. These demisters aid in reducing the time required to separate liquid from the vapor therefore reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

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