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Functions of Acoustical Consultants and Engineering

3/3/2012 10:39:23 AM | by Anonymous

Acoustical Consultants

The theatre is specifically designed so the sound will be controlled and manipulated. It traps the sound inside it and at the same time does not allow outside noise to enter the theatre. This kind of engineering is handled by Acoustical Consultants or Engineers.

There are different applications for acoustical engineering. It is not just for building theatres and opera houses. Acoustical engineering is also involved in medicine, marine biology, the military, and about any other science. One of the uses of acoustical engineering is Controlling Noise with Sound Proofing Material. This is the most obvious among the applications and what has already been discussed at earlier part of this article. Acoustical Engineering is used in controlling vibrations and noise in recording studios and theatres. Soundproofing material for these purposes may consist of foams, insulations or even sound proof windows. Another function of acoustical engineering is Sound Reproduction. This application applies mostly in forensic investigation. Background noise is isolated to determine facts that can solve mysteries. Next is Ultra Sound. Ultra Sound records noise that is able to measure the size of an unborn baby or the shape of possible tumors. The acoustical engineering is also used in Sonar Technologies. This allows the military to detect aircraft or sea vessels long before they come into view. It is also utilized in the air traffic control and helps track the comings and goings of sharks and other marine life.

Acoustical Engineering has a lot of applications and if you will notice only people with enough experience and knowledge can successfully perform this job. Also, it will surely involve a huge amount of money for building a facility that will require acoustical engineering. It is recommended to seek advice first from Acoustical Consultants before engaging in the construction so you will know the best materials that can be used and if it is within your budget.

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