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Function of Fire Doors

5/22/2013 10:39:22 AM | by Anonymous

Fire Doors

The doors capable of preventing or reducing the spread of smoke and fire are called fire doors. Even though these doors are not entirely resistant to fire because they are made of combustible materials like wood or metal with gypsum, a fire resistant core, they can slow the spread of fire for a longer period of time. This will allow the occupants to have time to escape the building before the flames engulf the structure, giving the firefighters ample time to put out the flames and allow them to save properties and assets from getting burned.


Fire doors have types of fire rating which is measured according to its ability to withstand heat and flames for a certain period of time. Labels or marking are placed on the door, which can either be fastened or embossed to indicate their rating. Some countries like the United States have independent governing bodies that set standards on how these doors must be constructed, tested and installed. The time ratings for combustion vary but the standard ratings range from 20-90 minute doors. The fire door to use depends on the space. Selecting the door would also depend on the wall installed. To ensure the effectiveness of fire doors, they must be installed on fire resistant walls. The fire rating of doors to use should be equal to three fourths of the wall’s resistance. For an instance, a wall that has a two hour fire resistance period should hold a 90 minutes fire door. This method ensures that the door will serve its purpose more effectively and will not quickly combust in case of fire.


Not all fire doors are made from one solid material as some may have a window. The glass or transparent material which serves as a window has to be tested as well for its ability to contain fire. The door hardware, frame and sealants to use should also be within certain specifications for a door to still be considered fire rated. During installation, it is ideal that only contractors specialized in fixing fire doors perform the installation to ensure its effectiveness in holding smoke and fire. If a professional would not be able to do the job, the person installing the door should follow the instruction carefully to successfully execute it.


Even though fire doors go through strict inspection before they are made available to the market, it would not be able to do its purpose due to improper usage. Fire doors are often left open because fire is not usually anticipated. It is possible that before one noticed that there is a fire happening, it may be too late to shut the door as the smoke and fire might have already spread all over the structure. To avoid this tragic scenario, fire doors can be equipped with automatic shut door feature where it will close once a fire is detected. To guarantee protection, some door is kept closed or automatically shuts when opened.


Fire door only slow the spread of fire and smoke so one should not fully entrust himself to it. It can only allow one to have time to exit the building premise in case of fire. The time a door will last as knowing when it started would be hard to determine when it started burning especially when people are in fear.

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