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Freight Forwarding Services

3/25/2013 10:31:34 AM | by Anonymous

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a service which involves shipping of goods from various companies internationally. This activity occurs when large orders from producers or manufacturers need to be shipped out from one location to another. The person responsible in organizing a freight service is called a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder does not actually carry the goods himself. His role is to contract with a carrier or multiple carrier types such as a truck, ship, train, airplane or other vessel to facilitate the delivery of goods. That being said, freight forwarder is comparable to a travel agent but instead of organizing a person’s trip, it plans how a cargo will reach its final destination. He can plan and arrange the freight forwarding process over the internet and phone to contact the warehouses and carrier. The cargo to be shipped out can range from manufactured goods to agricultural products.


Part of the job of a freight forwarder is to plan the logistics. Logistics has to be carried out to ensure efficiency one the shipping process, from storage, corresponding with transportation services to delivery of goods to its final destination in good condition and on agreed date. The freight forwarder ensures that the shipping date is reasonable to perform all the shipping process. There should be enough time to prepare the documents and the length of designated location so as not to disappoint the customer and meet his expectations upon the service.


A good freight forwarder is someone who has established relationships to several types of carriers. He should know the charges, prices and other expenses that may be involved in the forwarding process. This allows him to choose among them the one that best offers a balance on speed, reliability and cost. This can help the client to cut down shipping cost and the freight forwarder will have return customers because of good service. Freight forwarders also settle requirements, legalities and documents such as bill of lading, commercial invoice and shipper’s export declaration that might be needed when sending products from one international destination to another or importing and exporting goods. They will work with customs brokers to make sure that the goods meet the standards and regulations of the place they will be sent to. In order for freight forwarders to work on this properly, he should familiarize himself with the rules and regulations of a location where the goods will be forwarded. Having freight forwarding service relieves clients from burden of doing all of these tasks.


The cost of freight forwarding depends on the job that will be involved. The factors that will affect the cost are the shipping destination and the type of goods to be transported. Moving a potentially hazardous material or good that requires refrigeration tend to be more expensive as they would require other treatments. Some goods might have need of putting into containers to make sure that they would not be damaged while on transit. The space that the cargo will take up on the carrier because of its quantity will also be considered.

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