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Four Main Boiler Parts

9/12/2013 5:07:57 PM | by Anonymous

Boiler Parts

Hot water is a necessity and everyone is benefited for hot water and that is why most households do have a boiler installed however it is often taken for granted especially in the modern households. In the recent years, boilers can also be used in industries and other numbers of applications. Besides they has played a significant role in many places for giving hot water to the buildings by providing the steam power for locomotion engines such as those in the trains.


A boiler is used for a closed vessel such as water or other fluid that is heated and it is a self-contained combustion system that can be found in any households that provides the users a hot-water supply or serving a central heating systems. The boiler may be varies in design and has four main boiler parts which includes the burner, the combustion chamber, the heat exchanger and the thermopile. Boilers are in large containers that hold water or liquid inside and it is attached with heater that boils the liquid and the hot water.



The burner is the most complex device on a boiler parts and it is initiates by the combustion reaction within the boiler. The thermostats will then send messages to the burner electronically and alert the system the need to produce the heat. The fuel will be pumped by a filter mechanism to the boiler from the outside source; it is often an adjacent fuel tank. The burner will turn the fuel into a fine spray and ignites it into by creating the reaction in the combustion chamber.


Combustion Chamber

Combustion is a chemical combination of two substances that is accompanied by the production of the light and heat. (E.g. flame is a product of combustion.) In the process of combustion synthesis, this is used to create new materials in a variety of products such as abrasives, ball bearing and high temperature superconductors. It substances are used to produce heat or power by burning which are known as fuels. The fuel is burned in the boiler’s part combustion chamber that is usually made of cast iron. The temperatures in the combustion chamber will rise to hundred degrees in a very short time and the generated heat in the combustion chamber will be transferred to the system’s heat exchanger.


Heat Exchanger

Usually, water is filtered around the boiler parts’ of combustion chamber through the series of flue passages. The pressurized of the boiling water will then pumped the water through pipes to the baseboard heaters or radiators that gives off the heat energy produced by the boiler. Heat is also known as the energy that we usually would call and it is used to move the heat from one place to another. It contains hot things and emits more heat than cold. This is due to the movement of its material’s molecules and atoms. The fact of the heat exchanger is the heat energy that wants to find equilibrium and it is the similar way of water that seeks its own level as heat energy wants to transfer to the less hot materials.



This is an electronic device that converts the thermal energy into the electrical energy and it is composed using several thermocouples that are connected in parallel. In addition, thermopile are used to provide an output that is part of a temperature measuring device in such that the infrared thermometers are widely used in the medical industries by professionals to measure body temperature. They are also widely used in heat flux sensors and gas burner safety controls however thermopile is generated by an output voltage proportional and it does not respond to absolute temperature.

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