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Forms of Medicines

5/2/2012 6:20:54 PM | by Anonymous


Medicines are used to treat sickness of various parts of the body. They help us maintain and restore our health and prevent us to get afflicted with disease. They are made available in different forms to suit the needs and requirements of patient and the necessity of speed.


Some medicines come in the form of pills, inhaler and topical types such as lotion and ointment. Pills contain substances that allowed it to retain its shape and firmness. It can be crushed or cut into smaller pieces to moderate the effect of the medicine. A type of pill commonly known to cure throat diseases is lozenges. Lozenges are large pills designed to dissolve slowly in the mouth. It is also described as medicated candy. It is intended to be sucked unlike other solid medicines that are typically either chewed or swallowed whole.


Asthma is an ailment that requires an inhaler form of medicine. It is used by breathing in the drugs inside the inhaler. Smaller dosage is required compared to pills because the drug directly goes through the airways. The use of inhalers gives minor or no side effects since very little amount of the drug spread to the rest of the body.


Topical medicines are applied to the skin. Some topical forms include ointments, lotions, eye drops, powders and plasters. They are used to treat a particular part of the body. Eye drops, as the name suggests, are used to heal itchy eyes. Ointments are spread directly to the infected skin. Plasters are used to cover open wounds.


The benefits of medicine can be achieved if they are taken accordingly. Drugs are created in various forms to provide convenience to patients. It resulted to reduced medicinal side effects, easier intake of medicines, faster absorption of the drugs and longer effect of the medicine in the body.

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