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Floors: Be clean and neat

4/7/2015 5:16:55 PM | by smiley

Floor Cleaning, Waxing & Polishing Service

Flooring is a permanent layer of the floor that serves as its covering. It is the finishing material applied on top of the floor structure for walking surfaces wherein the materials used are commonly wood, tiles and stone.

In reality flooring services are necessities to maintain the beautiful ambiance of the place, and even if there are many different types of flooring they all require regular maintenance and proper care attention.

Kinds of Flooring

• Hardwood Flooring – durable, sturdy and wear resistant. It can be refinished and sanded for many times like oak, ash, maple and cherry
• Engineered hardwood – wood flooring that has been machined and processed to achieve a particular appearance and texture which is typically pre laminated like composite wood, manufactured board and man made wood
• Bamboo floor – eco friendly kind of flooring that is highly renewable
• Ceramic or Porcelain Tile – hygienic type of flooring because it is stain resistant, easy to clean and replace. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile is best for outdoor and indoor environment.
• Floating Wood Tile – compose of multiple-thin-plywood glued together which has an inner core layer and is made from synthetic material that creates a wood looking appearance and laminated
• Carpet – applicable for warm dry application. It is a textile flooring which has an upper layer of man made/ wool fabric, nylon, polypropylene or polyester.
• Cork – constructed from cork oak to achieve high sustainable flooring.
• Stone – wide range of natural rocks like limestone, granite, and marble are used which were formed, carved and cut for flooring application.
• Vinyl Floor – synthetic polymer flooring that is non-porous and flexible with high resistant and suitable for kitchen, garage, bathroom and many other areas exposed to splashes and spills.

Cleaning and maintaining floor is one of the safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries caused by unhygienic floors. There are some factors why we need to invest and devote on Floor Restoration, Protection, and Polishing & Waxing Service.

Benefits of regular floor cleaning and maintenance

Considering floor cleaning services is a good practice that every businessman and housewife should observe. One could gain many benefits through this simple practice like the following:

• Prevent accidents like slipping and tripping.
• Floor beautification.
• Eliminate dirt, stain and litter on your floor.
• Eliminate gnash and sand that can scratch and wear down the floor.
• Abolish allergens such as dust and particles.
• Prevent wear in surface by wax or floor sealant.
• Establish clean and hygienic environment.

Floors are engineered with different kind and quality of materials used. Proper care and maintenance to different flooring types require different approach with reference to its material and usage. For wood flooring, always consider the type of wood finish for better and appropriate cleaning and maintenance. For Tile and stone floors, remove the dust and dirt using vacuum or broom then, put an applicable cleaning solution lastly, use mop for cleaning and scrubbing the floor.

Tips in maintaining and cleaning different types of floors

Types of floor Tips
Wood Sweep with broom
Wipe with polishing cloth

Remember: Do not use wet rags on cleaning wood floor to avoid floor finish from being damaged

Vinyl Use soft brush and vacuum in cleaning
Cleaning with neutral detergent and water is applicable
Laminate Wipe it with dry mop every couple of weeks
Spot on Clean as soon as possible
Use the recommended cleaning agent
Read the manufacturers instruction for better cleaning process

Getting floor cleaning and maintainance services

There are some consideration needed in taking floor maintenance and services. Keep in mind that the floor cleaning service provider should be reputable with good track records from their previous clients, well-experienced and skilled on their craft for better cleaning and maintaining services.


People work in clean and well-organized environment establishes safer and more efficient work output because of the professional and productive image of the offices and establishments.

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