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The Many Types of Floor Mats

7/31/2015 9:17:53 AM | by Caitlyn Chang

Floor Mats

A floor mat or a mat is a general term used for referring to a piece of material that is placed on the floor and is used for a variety of purposes. It can be useful for protecting the floor underneath it as well as keeping dirt and dust out of buildings or homes. Floor mats proved to be indispensable in numerous buildings and homes due to their functional appeal. In general, floor mats are made up of a material which is either soft or coarse depending on their application.

The functionality of most floor mats is related to their name - wrestling mat and doormat. A door mat is intended to remove and clean the dust or dirt from soles of shoes. Doormats are typically made of coir, stalks, palm tree fibers and coconut fibers; some are made of cloth, nylon, aluminum, rubber and other materials. Door mats are sometimes referred to as welcome mats as they are commonly placed by the front door to welcome visitors. In gymnasiums, wrestling mats or gymnastics mats are very significant as they are used for tear resistance and shock absorption. This type of floor mat requires optimal compression qualities which is the reason why they are mostly made of PVC rubber nitrite for impact protection.

Most people prefer custom floor mats to use in their office and house hold. Custom-made floor mats are the kind that are made-to-order and are generally made to fit the dimension area of certain rooms and vehicles. Custom mats are more costly compared to ready-made ones but undoubtedly, custom mats are more unique in design and has higher quality. One is allowed to choose everything regarding the mat, from color to material, according to preference and requirement.

According to users, since floor mats are long-term investments, they must have them in top quality with full satisfaction. As a result, people will not settle for any less, they will choose the best material and color to match their rooms and vehicles.

An expertly designed and crafted floor mat will enhance the aesthetic appeal where it is placed and adds to the dirt elimination in one’s vehicle, homes and vehicles. Some vehicle owners prefer car mats that match their seat cover as an expression of taste as well as discernment. Some are more concerned in sizes more than the aesthetic appeal. These owners have custom car mats made to fit their vehicle as they prefer. Custom-made car floor mats are more than just their visual appeal. With regards to trucks and other automobiles which might be used for the transportation of fragile items such as computer parts and glass particles, floor mats are specially intended to be shock-resistant.

Other people prefer custom rubber mats as they do not have a slippery property and do not color fade when exposed to sunlight. The combination of synthetic and natural materials has made floor mats more durable, versatile and unique. Custom-made aluminum mats are very popular as logo mats and are also weather resistant and washable just like rubber mats.

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