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Fire Fighter’s Safety and Protection Equipment

6/3/2015 5:20:39 PM | by Anonymous

Fire Protection Equipment

A firefighter is trained to fight hazardous fires which put properties and civilians into dangerous situations. These firemen should also be protected to accomplish their duties and responsibilities towards such conditions. Proper fire equipments, tools, protective gear with different functionalities should be used during the operation.

Fire Protection Equipment also known as fire fighting equipment includes the machineries, device, and apparatus needed in any fire prevention activities. The following are some of the necessary fire protection equipment that firemen used.

• Protective Clothing – A firefighter suit featuring a comfortable, waterproof, and breathable type of clothing. These also include the safety helmet, belt, boots, and gloves.
• Breathing Apparatus – Provides the firefighter a breathable air. It consists of the high pressure tank, pressure regulator, and a mouthpiece or the inhalation connection. It is designed with emphasized flame and heat resistance.
• Hose – It is a high pressure hose which carries water or other fire chemicals in order to diminish the fire. These are usually constructed with synthetic or natural fabrics and elastomers.
• Nozzles – A versatile fire fighting hose spray nozzle which breaks stream into small droplets. It smothers the fire by displacing the oxygen
• Valves –The mechanical means to start and stop the flow of water in a conduit
• Rescue Equipment – This includes shoring system or support system, air lifting bags, search equipment, technical rope rescue, and safety cushions.

     Air lifting bags – used to assist vehicle extraction of crash victims. It can also be used to do rescuing on small spaces when buildings collapsed.
     Shoring system – used to stabilize vehicles during the rescue
     Technical rope rescue – rescue victims using ropes or anchoring devices
     Safety cushions – It is used when ladders and other methods are not available during the rescue.

Guide in choosing the right supplier for your fire protection equipment.

Fire protection equipments such as extinguisher are intended to protect people and properties from the threat of fire as well as to save lives. It is necessary to accurately check the tools, materials, and equipment to be used to secure its proper usage. Ensure that the fire equipment you will choose comply with various safety standards.

The following are some of the guidelines you should consider in choosing the right supplier for your fire protection equipment.

1. Confirm if the supplier is aware on the latest safety standards and guarantee if their products are in line with these requirements.
2. Consider if the supplier is a member of any fire safety bodies that is accredited within the industry. Such accreditations are BAFE approval, Safecontractor, CHAS, and other fire protection association.
3. The supplier must show the level of expertise and prove that they are recognized by the industry.
4. Enquire for any safety records and better to have testimonials from previous customers.
5. Have contact with the supplier’s previous customers and ask for recommendations or do some internet searching to know if with company reviews or complaints.
6. Find out how long this supplier serves in this kind of industry.
7. Look for supplier which provides free site survey for effective evaluation on the place of business.

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