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Find out more about Laser Cutting

5/15/2015 10:23:41 AM | by Xiao Nan Heng

Laser Cutting Service

Laser cutting is the new and improved technology used for cutting materials, and it uses a high grade laser powerful enough to cut materials like metals, woods, rubber, plastic, foams, and paper.

Nowadays, many industrial companies are offering laser cutting service that uses the most updated form of technology in cutting materials through high powered beam available in two formats – the galvanometer and the gantry system.

• Gantry System – it is a slow system which is ideal for prototype production wherein the laser is perpendicularly positioned to the material and the machine directs the beam over the surface.
• Galvanometer System – this type of system has the ability to cut materials as fast as 100 ft per minute and it uses mirrored angles for repositioning the laser beam.

Laser cutting process can be applied in different materials like wood, paper, leather, glass, ceramic and metal. In laser cutting there are various types of lasers that are used to provide the accurate cuts and curves of the design and for fast and reliable laser cutting service.

Types of lasers used in laser cutting

• CO2 laser is gas laser that are efficient and it produces infrared light that has major wavelength band around 9.4 micrometer and 10.6 micrometer. This type of laser is suitable for boring, engraving and cutting.
• Neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet (Nd- YAG) Laser – uses crystal as a lasing medium, and it ideally emits light that has a wavelength of 1064 nm and is typically used for engraving, boring and also welding.
• Neodynium (Nd) Laser – has the same characteristics of (Nd- YAG) Lasers. It is ideal for boring application with high energy requirements but low repetition required.

In business that provides Laser Cutting Service, there are ranges of laser cutting method which varies according to the materials that are needed to be cut and the materials which are used for Laser Cutting.

Methods of Laser Cutting

• Vaporization Cutting – it uses a laser that has high power density that can reach the vapor temperature of the material for fast cutting process.
• Laser Fusion Cutting – it is a single pass melt and blow method of cutting and it commonly uses nitrogen as a cutting gas.
• Laser Reactive Fusion Cutting – commonly known as laser cutting process, this method of laser cutting uses oxygen gas which provides faster and accurate cutting process.
• Laser Cutting via Bond Breaking – it uses ultraviolet lasers which has a high photon energy that can break molecular bonds and atoms. It provides clean cut with no thermal damage.

Laser cutting has different varieties of usage such as cutting, boring, trimming, scribing and engraving and it provides wide range of advantages which can promote fast and reliable cutting process.

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