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Features of Natural Marble

6/19/2013 12:29:46 PM | by Anonymous

Marble: Natural

Natural marble is a rock composed mainly of dolomite, calcite and limestone metamorphosed with heat and pressure causing it to recrystallize. It is originally white but impurities created patterns and painted it with streaks of colors which appear like a fanciful design. White marble which comes from pure limestone is used by many financial and educational institutions for it says to bring good luck in finance and education. Other colors produced include gray, black, green, pink and can also be a variation of those. At times, some metamorphic rock such as granite is also being referred to as marble. This is not considered a genuine type as it does not undergo the heat and pressure that a natural marble goes through.


This rock has been used since the ancient time for art and architecture and continues to be used until today for much more applications. A piece of art is produced out of marble through sculpting. When cut into slabs, it can be used for countertops, tiles, walls and flooring. There are dining tables made from marbles. There are advantages and disadvantages of having marble as a material for kitchen surface. Marble countertop is an ideal working area for bakers since its dense quality allows it to remain cool. It is also oil resistant so bakers do not have to be concerned about bakery products rolled onto it sticking. However, marble being sensitive to acid makes it inadvisable to place juice and fruits on top of it.


Marbles that are of high quality tend to be very expensive. They are also not easy to work with as they are hard and brittle and if mishandled can shatter easily. Stones with cracks or flaws end up invaluable and useless. People who want to create a marble sculpture are required to undergo training and years of practice so they can learn to work with it and perfect their art work. In effect, objects made from it are considered luxurious and classy. For those who want to bring the elegant look of marble to their house but do not want to spend a lot choose granite. Granites can be purchased polished or left in its natural state. Similar to marble, they are also durable and available in various colors.


Natural marbles are also used in outdoor applications as pavers. Pavers are pieces of rock used for patios, pathways and driveways to name a few. Instead of applying concrete that is less durable and resilient, marbles are used to add color and texture to the structure. They are also utilized for constructing landscaping features. Another advantage of this stone from concrete is that the former does not easily fade due to extreme weather and a simple act of washing can retain its quality. The feature of marble to stay cool makes it a perfect material for constructing swimming pool as well. Marbles have an ability to bring a stylish effect to any object and structure made out of it. This is another reason why they are used for the pool and poolside to come up with an elegant design. Natural marbles also come in different hues allowing the owner to play with the colors by mixing and matching them.

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