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Features of Control Panels

7/16/2013 6:32:53 PM | by Anonymous

Panels: Control

Control panels are units where the controlling component and monitoring instruments can be found. They are applied in various places such as buildings, factories, aircraft and computers. The control panel in aircraft is used in connection to autopilot and other systems. The pilot and crews will use the control panel to set the mode like speed and altitude they want the aircraft to operate in. The autopilot, in turn, will work for the plane to hit those modes. The degree of control that autopilot will do for each mode depends on how they are set. The readouts of mode control panels in the plane may be digital and analog. It has an indicator lights that allow the pilot to see the status of the controls. There are designated lights to show if the systems and controls are active or experiencing some errors. Pilots have to take advanced lessons in order to learn how to control the plane using mode control panel instrument. This device allows the pilot to have high control of the flight in various situations by applying different modes.


Structures such as buildings and hotels utilize control panel as an advanced form of fire protection. Its role is to keep track of the fire equipment such as sprinkler systems, smoke detectors and fire alarm switches located in the entire building. It can also determine where the fire is building up. This feature allows the respondents to know where to go first to prevent the fire from spreading or send medical personnel to assist people victimized by the tragedy. When a fire is detected, the control panels lights will turn on at the location of the fire. Fire alarm control panel is a preventative measure in case a fire occurs in homes and commercial buildings. This type of control panel can also act as a main security panel. Besides detecting fire and monitoring fire equipment, it can also check if there are open windows and doors in a facility. The control panel will serve as the center of all the security devices in the building.


Control panels can be customized according to the user’s needs. They can be high voltage or low voltage, a multi zone or single zone panel and for power control or process control. The control panel can be built according to the design of the owner or a combination of the customer’s design and the manufacturer. No matter what the design will be, the owner has to make sure that the technician or electrician will construct the control panel according to the national and local codes for electrical construction. Control panels are also built for blower operation controls. There are blowers used in aeration chamber which need to be running for 24 hours and the blower run cycle to be controlled every 15 minutes. Control panels can also hold a feature wherein the blower can skip a day of operation. These controls will be set to determine when the blower will turn off and on.

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