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Features of Aluminium Products

3/5/2012 11:40:48 AM | by Anonymous

Aluminium Products

There are a lot of products that used to be produced from a different material that are now made of aluminium. Manufacturers prefer this sheet metal because of the characteristics it comprises. Some aluminium products are rod/bars, wire, tubes, sliding doors and windows, car bodies, tractor trailers, bicycle, foil and utensils to name a few.


Aluminium is known for being durable, flexible, light weight and an excellent thermal and heat conductor. It is also rust and corrosion free. Many products are started using aluminium material because of these characteristics. Aluminium is impermeable, non-toxic and odourless making it ideal for food and drink packaging and containers. The metal can preserve the contents it handles because of its ability to keep out air, light and microorganisms. The non-toxic characteristic of aluminium has also been taken advantage by creating kitchen utensils. Windows and doors were used to be only made of wood. The primary reason was that timber was cheap and readily available. Crafting the doors was very simple and its durability is good enough to serve as our barrier and protection from the outside. If you think about it, all of the characteristics that timber have can be found in aluminium as well besides cheapness. Aluminium is stronger yet much lighter in weight compared to wood. Today, there are doors and windows that are made of aluminium. Because of its flexibility, aluminium doors have been diversified into sliding doors, hinged doors and bi-folding doors which are extremely rare in wood due to the weight of the lumber. Being rust free and corrosion free are great features of this metal. It can also be cleaned easily and make the furniture look new afterwards which are a big factor in maintaining fixtures.


Many other products resorted in using aluminium. The countless advantageous characteristics of this element made aluminium products the choice of many.

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