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Features of Aluminium Angles

9/13/2013 4:42:01 PM | by Anonymous

Aluminium Angles

Aluminium is fire resistant and has excellent conductor of heat in relation to its weight as it is twice as good as copper hence spending a long length of time over fire is not an issue for aluminium. Aluminium metal is remarkable for its low density and it has the ability to resist corrosion due to phenomenon of passivation. Aluminium angles are widely used, demand and are appreciated for their salient features that has got a durable finish standard that can withstand high temperature and any abrasion resistant. In addition, aluminium is 100 percent recyclable without having a need to downgrade its qualities however the re-melting of aluminium needs to require a little energy as about only 5 percent of the energy is required to produce the primary metal that is initially needed in the recycling process.


And it is widely used in different industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agriculture and etc. Furthermore, they can be customized as per customers’ requirements in the available standard sizes. Some of the sectors that are widely use aluminium angles include aircraft fittings, fuse parts, aircraft, worm gears and keys, missile parts, defense applications and aerospace.


Aluminium angles have a very light metal with a weight of 2.7g/cm3 which is about a third of that are steel. An example would be the uses of aluminium in the vehicles reduce the dead weight and its energy consumption while increasing the load capacity. It has the strength to adapt to the application required by modifying the composition of the alloys. It also naturally generates a protective oxide coating that is of a high corrosion resistant. However, different types of the surface treatment include painting or lacquering, anodizing can further improve its property. This is particularly useful for applications where it has protection and conservation are required.


They are also ductile and have a low melting point and density but when in a molten condition it can be processed in number of ways. The ductility also allows products of the aluminium to be formed close to the end of the product’s design. Aluminium is odorless and is completely impermeable neither the light aroma nor taste substances are out. Moreover the metal itself is non-toxic and it does not release any aroma or taste substance that makes it more ideally when it comes to packaging sensitive products such as food or pharmaceuticals.


The only disadvantage of aluminium is that it tends to fade or form into a grey tone over a period of time but this discoloration definitely would not affect its usability in any form or any way. However, this flaw will only be alarm to those people who are concerned with aesthetics of his cookware.


Aluminium angle of bend has an angle of 90 degrees between the legs of the letter form “L”. However other shapes maybe the angle that set at 30 degrees so it would looks more like the letter “V”. The most not common ones are skewed angles as it is a non 90 degree angle of aluminium angle.


Do you know that Aluminium Angles has a good reflectivity? Aluminium is a good reflector of visible light as well as heat that together with its low weight can make it an ideal material for reflections such as light fittings and or rescue blankets.

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