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Facts about Letter Boxes

5/18/2015 9:26:22 AM | by Xiao Nan Heng

Aluminium Letter Boxes

Letter boxes or sometimes called mail slot are receptacles used for receiving incoming letters from businesses or private residences and having four primary designs.

• Door or wall slot, where mails are delivered through door delivery
• Letter box mounted directly to the house/Letter box mounted near the street
• Centralized mail delivery station that has one mailbox for the entire building
• Centralized mail delivery station which consists of individual mailbox for different receiver with multi-address in the same community or neighborhood

Letterbox has two classifications for determining its features, policy and benefits. Here are the two classifications of letter box.

• Front Access letterbox
- allows to open the master door in delivering mails and the building management deliver important mails through aperture, it also has anti junk mail mechanism for preventing others to deliver junk mail in their letter box except the building management.

• Back Access letterbox
- It is composed with two master doors which are located at the back of the letterbox. One door is for allowing the postal office to access easily the letter box and other door is allowing the business management to access the aperture in delivering important mails. It also has anti junk mail mechanism.

There two types of letter box, the single letter box which is ideal for residential use and letterbox bank that is typically used for multi dwelling commercial and residential properties.

In accessing a typical letterbox bank now a days are following a number sequence to keep organized and to control the flow of receiving mails. There are two types of number sequence in letter box the Front sorting nest of letter box and Rear sorting nest of letter box.

• Front sorting nest of letter box – the unit number for various buildings that should not have repeating unit number and must be properly arranged in running order. The sequence must be from top to bottom and from left to right as it follows.

• Rear sorting nest of letter box – the unit number occupied within the estate is in running order, for nest letterboxes that has a sortation of letters/mails by postman from the rear masterdoor, the unit number is arranged in sequential order at the rear of the letter box.

Letter box is ideally engineered with various range of finishes like Stainless steel, Galvanized, Cast aluminium, Power Coated, Stained timber and acrylic, this will protect the mails from damages and prolong it good condition for a long time. And installing letterboxes in your location has a great advantage in maintaining privacy and security.

Benefits of letterbox usage

• Security – it will secure the received mail by being spoiled and degraded
• Maintains Privacy – ensures that the mail of the recipient remains private, not allowing strangers to read it.
• Easy access – the recipient will have the opportunity to receive its mail conveniently in a good condition.

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