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Facts about Asphalt & Asphalt Products

9/13/2013 4:42:37 PM | by Anonymous

Asphalt & Asphalt Products

Asphalt is also known as bitumen. It is a black, sticky and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum that can be found in the natural deposits or in a refined product that is a substance classed as a pitch. The term asphalt or bitumen is often used to mean both natural and manufactured forms of substance. Asphalt is the refined residue from the distillation terminology that often prefers the term bitumen. The most common usage of these various forms of asphalt or bitumen is known as “tar” or “pitch”. The pitch is sometimes found in the natural deposits that is used in the mixture but is can be also be made by the distillation of the crude oil.


The primary use of asphalt or bitumen is during the road construction where it uses the glue or binder mixed with the aggregate particles to create the asphalt concrete. Some other main uses these can be for bituminous waterproofing products which include production of roofing felt or for sealing flat roofs. Asphalt is made from sand, stones, gravel and is held together by asphalt cement and it is the sustainable material for building the pavements.


Asphalt Products

Aluminum reflective rood coating is adding metallic aluminum pigment to the roof coating that goes beyond cosmetics. The advantages are that the asphaltic oils in the base coating are protected from the intense sunrays by the reflective properties of the aluminum. It will also reduce the indoor building temperatures and it can be prevented from penetrating the roof coating as well as passing the heat into the building interior thus improving the inside living and working conditions. It can prevent the oils from being “cooked” of the base asphalt coating and this will allow the coating to retain its resilient characteristics and not crack or prematurely dry out.


The asphaltic driveway sealer is designed in a way to protect and beautify the asphalt surfaces and to blend the high quality refined asphalt. It will also penetrate and rejuvenate the dried out surfaces while sealing hairline cracks besides it is to seal and restore the worn surface. This is to retards the oxidation of the pavement binder and helps prevent pavement raveling, helps eliminate water penetration and resultant freeze or thaw cracking and it also will dries to a rich and glossy black finish.


Foundation coatings and mastic are specially refined pure petroleum asphalt coating which provides the damp proofing of the below grade foundations. However it has good conductor for masonry, cement block, concrete and brick foundations. The elastic or brush on grade product is non-fibered and it will forms a smooth tough film that will helps to retard the entrance of moisture into the foundation walls but only for exterior use.


Asphalt roof coatings is a black based coating from asphalt formulated with fillers and fiber to form a tough and elastic film when curing. These coatings will seal all small cracks, seams, joints and nail holes also it can penetrates, revitalizes and resaturates dry when sound roofing while it’s elastic skin prevents underlying roof felts from becoming all brittle and cracking. This coating is also resistant to water and other heavy bodied to eliminate running on a sloped surface.

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