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Factors to Consider in Choosing Gaskets

5/31/2012 7:36:24 AM | by Anonymous


To make sure that there would not be leaks when two surfaces are joined, gaskets are used in between. Gasket is a kind of seal or packing which is made from sheet materials such as metal or rubber. It comes in various sizes but can also be customized depending on where it will be applied. Some companies even manufacture irregular shaped gaskets if a client requested to.


Besides the size, there are other factors that need to be considered when selecting what gasket seal to use. Tools that are used for industries should be durable so it can withstand the pressure brought by industrial activities. Pipe is one equipment that can normally be found in business production areas. It is used to transfer liquids or other substances from one place to another. Pipes do not always come in a straight form. It is possible that parts of pipe are joined so it can form a different outline so the materials to be carried inside it will reach a specific location. The joints on the pipe are filled with gaskets so leak can be prevented. However, not just any gasket should be used.


The material where it is made from should be suitable to what substance will run on the pipe. It is best to use chemical and corrosion resistant gaskets if the pipe will be dealing with liquids. If it will encounter abrasion or will carry solid particles, it is better to place gaskets made of durable material like metal. You can be assured that your manufacturing process would not be interrupted since no leaks will occur or it would not easily wear out.


Joining materials would not be a little less perfect without the use of gaskets. So even though this tool is small and nearly invisible to be seen, it surely plays a big role in making sure that metal parts are pressure tight and united.

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