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Exploring Nature's Treasures in Tasmania

2/22/2013 9:11:44 AM | by Anonymous


A popular place to explore the great outdoors, Tasmania is Australia's smallest and most southern state. An island, the state has mountain, coast and countryside landscapes. Wildlife is also in abundance. One of the best ways to see Tasmania is to secure a car hire and drive at leisure to see the natural sites, animals and birds.


Nature to See

With so much to see in the state, no one needs to drive very far to experience nature. Still, those who choose car hire can tour the island as they desire. Here are some excellent places to see nature and wildlife:


Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre - A sanctuary for wild animals native to Australia, this park near Hobart harbours and rehabilitates wild creatures. Kangaroos, wombats and others animals are about during the day. A night tour is also offered to visitors because many animals, like the famous Tasmanian Devil, are nocturnal.


Cataract Gorge and Cliffgrounds - Freshwater cascades through a rugged gorge and natural reserve near the town of Launceton, walking and hiking trails in and around the reserve offer amazing views. A chair lift is another way to see the spectacular gorge and rapid river in the basin. A hydroelectric station harnesses some of the natural hydro power from the river.


Platypus House - In Beauty Point near George Town, Platypus House is the place to get close to these remarkable and unusual animals. Besides platypus, the venue also houses cute and astonishing echidnas that are nearly tame. The animals swim in tanks and have lovely natural habitat exhibits in which to live.


National Parks

Of course, days can be spent in the national parks of this state. Here are some examples of these parklands that visitors can explore in their hired travel vehicles:


Ben Lemond - This national park's main feature is Ben Lemond Mountain, a glacier over 1300 metres high. During the winter season, the mountain has ski slopes open. Unique park alpine plants and vegetation are carefully protected and cherished.


Cradle Mountain - Lake St. Clair - Within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, this region has jagged mountain rocky areas as well as glacial lakes, rainforest and other terrain habitats. These widely different aspects of the park feature different birds and animals.


Tasman - Jutting sea cliffs, rock formations, rare plants and marine wildlife are a part of this wonderful coastal park. Some of the most dramatic seaside scenery in Tasmania is found within Tasman. Hiking trails help visitors discover the secrets of this park.


Activities in Nature

Numerous activities help people enjoy the outdoors in Tasmania. Active sports and excellent exercise in the clean fresh air are at their best on this island. Here are some of the many things to do in this state:

- Cycling
- Fishing
- Mountain climbing
- Nature drives
- Nature photography
- Walking
- Wildlife watching


Exploring the Island State

All over Tasmania, visitors can find the amazing treasures of nature. Those who choose car hire can travel independently and on their own time schedule to stay as long in one place as they desire and travel about the island as they wish. Definitely one of the must-see places of Australia, Tasmania is one of the best destinations on the globe to see nature at its finest.


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