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Evolution of Agricultural Equipment

3/3/2012 11:44:35 AM | by Anonymous

Agricultural Equipment & Supplies

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating the soil, growing and harvesting crops, and raising livestock. It may include the preparation and marketing of the harvested products with or without the help of agricultural equipment. The primary agricultural products consist of crop plants and livestock products. The crop plants include grain crops, rice, maize, sorghum grain, oats, peanuts, sugar crops, fiber crops, oil seed crops and many others. Livestock products include cattle for beef; dairy cattle for milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc; sheep, for mutton and wool; pigs, for lard and pork; poultry for eggs and meat, and horse, primarily for recreation.

The old style agricultural approach is almost gone because of the advancement in agricultural equipment. Our farmers used to do all the work from tilling, planting and harvesting. Then people invented plough which is usually powered by animals. The purpose of ploughing is to break the soil and bring fresh nutrients to the surface. However, the increase in demand for food paved the way for the invention of agricultural equipment. Mechanized agriculture means the use of agricultural equipment for conducting agricultural operations, replacing the traditional method of farming which involves human and animal labor. The first invented agricultural machineries are steam powered equipment and tractor which were made available in 1889. But it was only after the World War I that the farmers started investing in steam-powered machinery. Today, the available agricultural equipment includes the use of trucks, tractors, combine harvesters and other vehicles. Trucks are used for transportation of harvested agricultural products.

The modern approach in agriculture has resulted to massive increase in farm output and farm worker productivity. The development in farming helped improve the quality of farm produce and transportation of goods has been easier. The most favorable result of the invention of agricultural equipment is achieving self-sufficiency and surpluses in food and other crops.

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