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Everyday Uses of Paper

5/4/2012 8:25:28 AM | by Anonymous


I bet we all know the importance of paper and it would take some time to list them all down. We simply know that from the moment we opened our eyes until now, living in this world would not be as orderly as it is today without the existence of papers. Our lives revolve around papers. In a world full of technology, people still find a written document more official than a file stored in the computer. Contracts, marriage certificates and books are more appreciated, treasured and taken seriously when received and held tangibly.


The type of paper used in the example above refers to the flat thin sheets that are typically used for writing or printing. There are papers that come in various forms and even though they are being called by a different name, they are still totally made from the same materials as papers. I am actually referring to boxes and cartons. Unlike the usual thin quality of paper, these two materials are manufactured thick to ascertain durability. The availability of boxes and cartons alone is an evidence of the many uses of papers. They are used for storing and packaging stuffs. Our room can be easily tidied by storing the things that we no longer use in boxes. Both are especially important when moving out. All sorts of things can be placed inside boxes and cartons. No matter what the size and shape and how fragile the objects are, one can entrust them in multi purpose and heavy duty cartons.


You might not notice but pizza boxes that are capable of holding heat for a longer time are totally made from paper. I do not want to go too serious in explaining how vital papers are. The mentioned scenarios are uses of papers that we normally overlook but we come across most of the time.

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