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Essentials of name card printing services

9/23/2015 4:40:52 PM | by Mylene Bao

Name Cards Printing Service

Name cards or most popularly known as business cards are cards which consist of business information such as company or the person in charge contact details. This type of card is usually distributed or shared during formal meetings for the convenience of introducing person.


In order to have informative and reliable business card, the name card printing service must know what are the general details that name card must have. Generally business card is consisted of:


  • Name of the individual – the contact person in charge to the business.
  • Name of business or Organization – one of the most essential part of the business card.
  • Address – it is the physical address or the mailing address but it is exceptional for the businesses which are taken by online or mail.
  • Phone number(s) – print services must print the number more organized and in order of voice, fax, and cell depending on the available and used contacts.
  • Email address and web page address – are more essential for web based businesses.
  • Job title of individual - for proper acknowledgement of the person
  • Description or tagline of business – brief description or benefits and features of the company.
  • Logo - for establishing the identity of the company
  • Graphic images – helps to reinforce the identity of the company.
  • List of services – this are provided for business cards which has folded design or two sided to accommodate this extended information.


Printing business card services are experts in customizing name cards that are ideal for the various type of businesses or person required. The printing establishments understand that proper branding is important in sharing the products and services of the company more personally.


Name card printing services provides customer the ease of advertising and respectable credibility for their company and in acquiring business card printing services the company or the individual who are in needs of identification business card can decrease their expenses because nowadays printing services includes design and layout services which means that the company doesn’t require to hire separate designer and also provide template for more convenient and less cost service.


There are different business cards finishes which are offered by name card printing business such as:


  • Varnish and spot UV finish – typically used finished for business card. It gives old paper like feel makes it more classy and professional
  • Cut Die finish – a more stylish type of business card and it comes with different shapes suited for the type of business the company is fit in.
  • Foil Bloquing – an elegant type of name card which are created by color pressing to the foil and into the card paper.
  • Emboss and Deboss – it is done by heat press without ink and oil involved and it provides a strong texture with 3D effect.


There are many printing business in the market that provides name card printing so it is better for the customer to know the basic and essential of business card in which the printing service provides.

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