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Drain Covers and other gratings

6/23/2015 3:05:52 PM | by Anonymous

Drain Covers

Drainage system is used to drain excess rain or ground water from streets, sidewalks, roofs, and other commercial and residential places going through rivers or streams.

It is necessary to protect the drainage from external factors that can affect its performance and functionalities with the use of Drain Covers. Drain covers are used to prevent people, vehicle, and other large objects such as stones and waste materials from falling into the drainage system or other canal system that can cause clogging and congestion. Drain covers are usually stainless steel gratings or civil gratings that are regularly spaced that will aid in continuous flow of water without impediment. It is a collection of elongated iron bars held together that serves as a filter.

Drain covers are available in various types and sizes depending on the environment or location where it is applied. These can be used on applications such as rain, sewer, marine, and industrial applications.

These types of Drain Covers are classified into the following:

• Steel Type Drain Cover – It is the standard design wherein it sees the demands of the market. It has a pressed pattern lids that are under braced while keeping the right amount of load to bear depending on its dimension. The steel grating is tough and has galvanized frames made from polypropylene material making it very hard to break providing sufficient protection from people who might want to break in.

• Iron Type Drain Cover – A tougher drain grate as compared to stainless steel type wherein it has more strength enough to be placed on highways. It is a sturdy drain cover that can carry profound loads that are approximately 70 tons in weight. These are ductile iron finished having a better strength and weight ratio. An anti movement technology is used to improve its bonding mechanism. The iron type of drain cover is stable and silent wherein it is typically used in industrial locations where heavy machineries are installed.

• HDPE In-Line Drainage Type – This type of floor drain cover is best used by contractors of buildings as it satisfies the standards required in constructing structures, buildings, and roads. The HDPE In-Line Drainage Type is a non-breakable having a composition that can sustain high degrees of temperatures as well as various concentrations of acid and other chemical.

• Linear Channel Drainage Type – A drainage type that is available in two classifications. A linear channel drainage type that can carry domestic loads while the other can carry heavy industrial loads. These are ideal type for roads and home use and are known for its freedom of design with accessories.

Decorative Drainage Covers

There are also decorative drainage gates that are truly eye-catching. These are drainage covers which offer complex design that can add beauty and charm to the place appropriate to its style and ambiance. Aside from keeping the water to flow continuously by preventing blockage, it refines the taste of your outside space providing a more impressive appearance. It is made from recycled iron which makes it environment friendly.

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