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Different Ways to Cook Eggs

4/12/2012 8:22:21 AM | by Anonymous


Many people love eating eggs. The reasons are because they are delicious and nutritious at the same time. They contain protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which bring a lot of health benefits. Vitamin D found in this oval, thin-shelled body is essential in strengthening human’s bone and improving immunity. Egg yolks include substances that help in stimulating brain development and improve eyesight. In order to take advantage of these nutritional benefits, there are basic cooking methods that can be done which merely use egg as the ingredient.


Boiled egg as the name implies go through the process of boiling this nutritious shell. It can be considered the simplest way of preparing an egg. Place water in a pan high enough to entirely hold the ingredient. Let the water to a boil and once it reaches a very high temperature, put the egg with shells still attached. Leave it until a soft-boiled or hard-boiled egg is made. The length of time the egg will spend on the boiling water would depend on the outcome you want to achieve.


A poached egg, on the other hand, involves the same boiling method. However, heat should be reduced into simmer once the water boils and the egg now should be cracked pouring the content in simmering water. Remove the egg when attained the desired result.


Adding fats such as oil on the pan instead of water create two styles of cooked eggs. Sunny side-up is done by cracking egg in the middle directly pouring it in a greased medium heated pan. You will know that you have perfectly cooked a sunny side up when the yolk sits in the center surrounded by egg whites. Scrambled eggs are created by beating the eggs in a bowl for the yolk and the white to blend. Similar to sunny side-up, the beaten egg is poured in a heated pan with oil.


Egg is a versatile ingredient. If time permits, you can engage yourself in a more complicated recipe which includes this edible shelled body from hen. It will allow you to enjoy more the habit of eating eggs.

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