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Different Uses of Awnings and Canopies

3/7/2012 8:56:40 AM | by Anonymous

Awnings & Canopies

Awnings and canopies have the same purpose and that is to give shelter. They are both provided for home and commercial use. In spite of the many similarities of awning and canopies, we can distinctively state their difference. Awning is usually found attached in exterior window or door extension while canopies can stand alone by itself like a tent. They can be made of wood, metal or canvas.


The primary use of awning and canopies is to prevent the sunlight to directly penetrate the window allowing air conditioners to function efficiently and save energy. Instead of extending your roof, long awnings or canopies can be used instead. This allows you to save money from the roof construction and can give you the option to move the canopy to another location. Different establishments use awnings and canopies to promote their business. They are installed on restaurants and boutiques along the streets such as in Singapore. They are customized according to the business’ design to draw customer’s attention. They add a unique dimension and bring emphasis to the style of the business’ structure. Their stylish feature allowed them to be used in different occasions such as weddings, birthday parties or reunions that are done outdoor. Outdoor events like trade fairs and product launches take advantage of awning and canopies by designing them with their company logo as a form of print advertisement which are comparable to banners and billboards.


Awnings and canopies are created to be water repellent, durable, fade resistant and retractable. These great features make them very useful in all kinds of weather. They can be used to protect things that are outside such as tables and chairs set under the canopy. They can also prevent car paint from fading. Canopies made from aluminium can withstand any weather since they are free from corrosion and rust. The many uses of awning and canopies make owning them a practical investment.

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