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Different Tools Used By Various Laborers

5/17/2012 10:38:56 AM | by Anonymous


Having a set of tools readily available in the house is a must. It allows households to do repairs at home that do not require a particular skill to carry out. Tools are handheld devices used in performing an activity or a task. In this definition, we can consider any item that we use in whatever we do as a tool. Fork and spoon are tools for eating, pen and paper for writing, and shovel and rake for gardening. Since tool is a very broad term, we are going to discuss about the instruments that various laborers use which are commonly found at home.


Tools can be categorized according to their functions such as cutting, moving and fastening objects. Some of the cutting tools include knife, nail cutter and scissors. Knife is commonly used at home for preparing food. The action that it creates when used by cooks or chefs is also called chopping. It is used to chop raw ingredients like meat, fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces. Nail cutter is used to trim nails. Those working in the salon use this to shape nails before conducting manicure or pedicure. Scissors is utilized in home and offices as an aid in doing paperwork.


Hammers, screwdriver and wrench fall under moving tools. These equipment require force in order to move parts in place such as hammers for nails and screwdriver and wrench for keeping screws, nuts and bolts from turning.


An example of a fastening tool is glue gun. It works by melting a glue stick which is used as light adhesive for crafts and toy parts. Seeing a welder at home is not a usual scene since it is huge and requires precaution when utilized. It was preferable that only those experienced can use welders because of safety reasons. However, the emergence of portable welders allowed them to be utilized for domestic use but would still require proper precaution.

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