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Different Portable Buildings

1/11/2013 12:34:09 PM | by Anonymous

Buildings: Portable

Also referred to as demountable buildings, portable buildings are pre-fabricated buildings designed to be easily set-up and taken away when not anymore in use. They are movable structures and not made to be permanently located on a location. They are temporarily used to respond to various applications when they are needed to. The material portable buildings are made from such as wood, steel or vinyl allows them to be easily carried to or from site. Since these materials are readily available, the maintenance cost and repair of portable buildings do not cost a lot.


Some uses for these are as temporary site offices, on-site changing rooms, guard shacks, garages, hospitals, and on places where conventional construction is unreasonable. Complex portable buildings such as large office blocks are formed by joining units. Portable classrooms are also built to accommodate over populated areas. These structures are usually composed of two classrooms divided by a partition wall and a toilet. Since they are pre-fabricated, the construction time and set-up cost is cut down as compared to constructing permanent buildings. This assures that the structure will be ready at the quickest possible time allowing the operation to begin early. This is especially important during calamities when a temporary shelter needs to be assembled quickly. Portable building will serve as a refuge for survivors and work space for calamity relief workers.


Portable cabin is another term commonly used to describe portable buildings. They are self-contained units that sit on a solid frame. This structure allows them to be easily transported from one location to another, typically through lorry. Some people use portable cabins as an alternative to tents. Tents can be considered as the original portable structure that has ever been used by humans. A tent can be built in a short amount of time by assembling a few simple parts. Today, tent is still widely used as a temporary living space but those who want a bigger space prefer portable cabins. Aside from tents, portable cabins are now being used as a shelter on a camp site. Portable cabins are spacious than tents and easier to transfer to a new location than a trailer. Other advantages of portable cabins over tents are comfort and protection. Cabins can bring comfort and ease similar to what homes can offer. They can also provide advanced protection against elements than tents.


Trailers are pre-fabricated structures that can serve as temporary or permanent living spaces to people whose job require them to travel and spend a long time away from home. Some of them are those in media, archaeology and construction. Trailers can be purchased in complete form.


Portable buildings usually come in a very basic design when purchased. They are composed of a single room, a door and a window. There is also an option for more elaborate models which has food preparation area and a storage space. The more expensive ones may be equipped with a working sink in the kitchen area and an additional sleeping area.

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