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Different Outdoor Furniture Materials

7/9/2013 4:08:22 PM | by Anonymous

Furniture: Outdoor

Outdoor furniture is a type of furniture made from materials that make them suitable to use for outdoors. The usual outdoor furniture being sold is a patio set which consist of a table, chairs and a parasol to provide shade from the sun. Other common furniture that fall under this type are picnic tables and chaise lounge. Since outdoor furniture are exposed to elements that can damage them, they should be made from materials that are resistant to elements. These materials include wood, plastic, metal and wicker. Which one to use would depend on the preference of the owner and the climate where it will be placed.


Among the said options, it is wood that can give the most aesthetic appeal. Though it tends to be the most expensive compared to others, it is naturally tough and can last for a long time if maintained properly. Any wood can be used for outdoor use so long as they are treated. However, there are woods that hold features that make them more ideal to use for this application. The natural silica content found in teaks make them resistant to chemicals, water and fungal decay. It also requires less maintenance as there is no need for it to be painted or stained due to its natural oils. This wood primarily grows in Indonesia which is the main reason for its high market cost. Besides teak, there are other varieties of woods ideal to use for making wooden outdoor furniture such as cedar, cypress and pine to name a few.


Cedar is capable of enduring elements and can last for a long time. The aromatic scent it produces keeps insects away from it making it a good choice for indoor use as well. Cypress is another sturdy type of wood. It is long lasting and resists decay, warping and twisting. Pines that are pressure treated could be considered as the cheapest to buy making it the most popular choice among wood materials. It is widely used in the construction of decks, arbors and many other outdoor structures as well as in manufacture of Adirondack chairs and patio furniture.


Furniture built from metal is typically more durable than those made from plastic or wood. The characteristics of metals vary and some contain qualities which make them more suitable to use for outdoors. Wrought iron and aluminium are types of metal known to withstand most weather conditions. Aluminium is corrosion resistant and light which allows it to be moved and stored away easily. It can be designed and painted to match them with your outdoor décor. Wrought iron, on the other hand, is more durable than aluminium and heavier as compared to all other materials. In order to prolong the life of metals, they should be repainted once a chip in the paint is observed and stored during wet and extreme cold weather conditions.


Even though the usual notion for plastics is that they are cheap and brittle, their strength could be comparable to wood or metal outdoor furniture if thick plastic material is used. Other advantageous features of plastics are that they do not rust, are lightweight and can withstand almost any weather conditions. To keep them from deteriorating, they should not be exposed from the sun constantly for a long period of time.

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