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Different Methods Used to Bend Aluminium Tubes

9/15/2015 5:03:04 PM | by Sam Sepiol

Aluminium Tubes

Aluminium, and the many items made from it can be easily identified all around us, whether we are sitting in our home, taking a trip on the roads, buying at a grocery store or working in a factory.


Sheets and rods of metals are bent utilizing various industrial techniques in order to form the aluminium in a way that it is needed. Aluminium has a lot of benefits over other metals, which is why it is an extremely preferred metal when it pertains to producing various household products, construction products, car parts as well as wires.


Here are the following methods employed to bend aluminium tubes.


Induction Bending


Induction bending, or hot flexing, is perhaps one of the most common aluminium flexing methods. It is likewise one of the most cost effective and fuel reliable ones. Throughout this technique a heated coil is used to elevate the temperature level of the aluminium rod. The entire rod is not warmed; instead, the location from where the bend has to be developed is warmed and when the temperature level has been effectively raised, pressure is used to develop a neat bend.


Three Roll Bending


As the name suggests, in this approach, 3 roll benders are used amongst which only the central bender steps at a gradual pace to develop the bend. It depresses the aluminium in locations where the bend has to be developed to a preferred radius.


Wrap and Mandrel Bending


These 2 techniques of bending aluminium are utilized when the bend needs to be created around a tight radius. It is an incredibly technical technique due to the fact that care has to be taken that the section does not buckle. In wrap bending, a wrap goes around the section that has to be bent and in mandrel flexing; a mandrel is put inside to form the bend.


Press Bending


Press flexing is possibly among the easier strategies to flex aluminium tube. In this technique a single die is used which is in the shape and size of the bend that is required. This die is pressed against the tube from where it needs to bend and force is applied till the need bend is accomplished. Because it is a simpler approach and is used on cold pipelines, the result is not going to be very cool; in fact an ovular cross-section is going to look like no supporting filler is made use of inside the pipe.


Rotary Draw Bending


On the other hand, rotary draw bending method produces a neat and clean finish with the diameter of the tube similar to the rest of the tube. For this reason, this technique is perhaps the most popular among all tube bending strategies. In this technique specific die sets are used and tube is clasped by the forming die which keeps a consistent centre radius thus producing an aesthetically sound bend.


The above mentioned are some of the really commonly utilized aluminium tube flexing strategies. These are some of the frequently utilized aluminium tube bending methods that are frequently observed in industries and factories. Each of these has its own purposes for which it is chosen over the other in many cases to guarantee much better tube bends.

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