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Different Kinds of Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

5/9/2013 1:22:55 PM | by Brigitte Tsui

Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

Keeping your area clean and neat gives a lot of benefits to people. Good health, beauty, and fine fragrance are used to prevent contamination to certain operations.

Cleaning equipments and cleaning supplies are very essential to any establishment or business all over the world. Different kinds of industrial cleaning equipments can be seen on machineries, manufacturing, construction, or even marine and aviation industry. Every maintenance, cleaning department, and commercial cleaning services should have its own cleaning equipment necessary to continue the operations of the business. These are used to remove dust, dirt, oil, grease, debris, and other marks in your place.

Cleaning equipment and supplies are simply machines or any large class of equipment used for cleaning. Basic cleaning machine or tool includes the broom, carpet sweeper, dishwasher, cleaner, feather duster, scouring pad, scrubber, steel wool, sweeper, paper towel, wire wool, vacuum cleaner, etc. These are common cleaning tool compare to cleaning equipments used in big industries. The following are some of the examples of cleaning equipment and supplies currently employed in various industrial applications.

• Floor Scrubber / Scrubber Dryer
This is a type of floor cleaning machine used to remove dirt or stain in the form of mop or brush. It is in the form of ride-on machines wherein water and cleaning solution needs to be injected in order to clean wide areas such as warehouses, hotels, hospitals, and other large spaces. Manual and automatic floor scrubbers are now available in the market. It usually consists of a rotary disk or a cylindrical scrubbing head together with the system where the solution is being dispensed and vacuumed up.
• Steam Cleaner
A Steam Cleaner is a type of cleaning device which functions to clean, sanitize and quickly dry inert surfaces with the use of steam. A boiler that heats the tap water will be the one to produce the steam in which its ability to clean depends on its heat.
• Industrial vacuum cleaner
It is a type of cleaning equipment used to clean surface by suction and is ideal to be used in cleaning floors, carpets, upholstery and other surfaces. It uses an air pump to produce the vacuum that will suck the dirt and dust, and then be collected on the dust bag for disposal.
• Pressure washers
Also known as a power washer, a pressure washer is a mechanical sprayer containing high pressure which used to get rid of dirt, dust, mud, as well as mold, grime, and loose paint of a vehicle or a building. It consists of a pneumatic or hydraulic motor which drives the water pump, hose, and the switch.
• Carpet washers
This is a device used to extend the carpet’s life span wherein it is utilized to eliminate all the dirt and dust in the carpet. It can be a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner or scrubber that brushes or massages all sides of its fiber.
• Drain Cleaning equipment
It is a kind of cleaner which is used to unblock sewer pipes preventing the occurrence of clogged drains.

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