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Different Kinds of Beverage Dispenser

7/27/2015 11:21:16 AM | by Alice Chen

Beverage Dispensers

A Beverage Dispenser is a machine or device that is designed to store and doles out juice, soda, and other beverages which cater the needs of the market. This is ideal to use in restaurants, universities, convenience stores, hospitals, etc. This large and diverse drink dispenser can be filled with various types of hot or cold beverages. It can be used as a juice dispenser, liquor dispenser, soda machine, and slush machine which dispense drinks such as iced tea, coffee, juice, soda or wine.

Beverage Dispensers have discrete valves in addition to the nozzle for each flavor or brand of the beverage inside in the form of plastic drink dispenser or a glass drink dispenser. Typically, there are six valves in a 22-24 inches beverage unit.

Dispensers include both ice and the beverage wherein the ice tends to offset the beverage keeping it into its cool condition when it is transferred into the cup. A beverage dispenser can also be used for self service application. It can be a multiple machine that can serve two to three customers simultaneously. The ability to customize the drink known as the flavor shot is a new innovation that most consumers love which has 8 different multi-flavor valves available to diversify the drink.

Beverage Dispensers as an art
The following are some of the popular beverage dispenser that will make your hydration station looks like art.
• Beehive Beverage Dispenser – good and refreshing hydration station that is used as a perfect décor in a wedding occasion.
• Globe Beverage Dispenser – this style can kick off your search for more amazing finds.
• Green Hand-Blown Bubble Glass Dispenser – beverage dispenser which brings a vintage charm to your home.
• Creative Three Gallon Beverage Dispenser – unbreakable beverage dispenser that will accommodate all the intense parties you will have.
• This guy beverage dispenser – consists of an extra level of storage wherein ice cubes or fruit garnish can be placed into the bottom section of the dispenser.
• Fancy Pants Silver Dispenser – features its nickel plated and mouth-blown glass that has tarnish-resistant metal base.
• Pedestal – style Beverage Jar- has an aesthetic appeal of a vintage dispenser
• Lines Ceramic Beverage Dispenser – has its sexy and modern look
• Thirsty Bird Portable Water Dispenser – sliding the trio of slim legs, twisting, and pushing the petite crimson bird will make the refreshment flow.

Maintaining a Beverage Dispenser
Following a beverage dispenser’s complete cleaning procedure will keep the beverage on its optimum condition all the time. It should be done on a regular basis – daily, weekly, or monthly – to ensure the operation on its maximum level as well as to achieve a long service life.
1. The user should remove the diffuser and the nozzle then soak them into warm and soapy water. Do this on a daily basis.
2. With the use of a cleaner, wipe down the exterior surfaces together with water and soap to remove the spills or other dirt that has build up. A cleaner with high level of chlorine is not advisable to use since it can cause corrosion.
3. Flush and clean the water lines regularly.
4. Clean and wash the ice bins on a monthly basis.

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