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Difference Between Red and White Meat

5/2/2012 6:20:52 PM | by Anonymous


Meat is an important source of vitamins and minerals which completes our dietary allowance. They are commonly labeled as red or white. There are several ways in order to determine whether a meat belongs to “white” or “red” category.


The various meats can be easily distinguished by classifying them according to animal kingdom they belong to. Animals that fall under mammals like pork, beef and mutton are said to have red meat while poultry and fish have white meat. However, the edible flesh of animals cannot be categorized “white” or “red” entirely this way.


Another method to distinguish whether a meat can be referred to as red or white is by observing its color before it is cooked. As a general rule, white meats are those with pale color. On the other hand, read meats have reddish or darker colors. The idea behind sorting out of flesh according to color is the amount of myoglobin the animal body parts contain. Myoglobin develops to muscles that are frequently used and causes meat to form a reddish color. All mammals typically have dark flesh. White meat are usually found on birds and fish though it cannot be generalized. Chicken and turkeys both contain pale and dark meat. Duck and geese are considered to have red meat because they often involve their muscles in activities like swimming and flying. Fast swimming fish like tuna have dark meat as well.


Genetics plays a big factor in flesh classification as well. No matter how lazy a pig can be, its meat which appears lighter compared to those belonging to cow and lamb would still fall under red meat. Meat with darker shade are said to contain unhealthy fats. The advantage of pork is that it holds less fat compared to beef and mutton. Same goes with poultry. White meat on chickens is found on their breast parts while the other parts are red. Even though they never attempted to walk or fly their entire life, their legs or wings will always be categorized under red meat.

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