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Cost-Effective Electric Motor Repair Service

8/24/2015 11:02:17 AM | by Elysian Chen

Electric Motor Repair Service

When you hear electric motor repair service, what comes into your mind? You’ll most likely think of a car and their motors, devices like lawn mowers or you simply do not gather any images at all.


Believe it or not, most products that are operating on electricity work with the help of motors. These mechanical parts are the main pieces of the appliance puzzle. On the other hand, if the electric motor breaks, people tend to think that there is a need to replace the entire appliance. What people do not realize is that there are numerous motor service providers who can repair the damaged motor and get the appliance back into its working condition. Electric motors do not only function for specific cars but also for much smaller items. The large items that require help from a machine shop or an A/C D/C motor repair shop, or simply motor parts replacement are categorized as commercial. The most devices that commonly need electric motor replacement parts or repair service, however, are not considered commercial. These are the items used in the kitchen from refrigerators to dish washers to mixers and disposals. If you can identify items you plug in the kitchen excluding ovens and toasters, it probably works with an electric motor.


At present, the industrial work utilizes different types of electric motors such as AC motors and DC motors, break motors and other types of electric motors for various purposes. There is, nevertheless, a time in every machine and motor where they will start malfunctioning and eventually need repairs. With efficiency in mind, you are required to make sensible business decisions to keep all the business operations smoothly running. Decisions that can impact the performance of the production must be carefully thought of before taking an action. When one of the main motors unexpectedly stopped working, you may be required to call a service provider which concentrates in electric motor repairs.


Well-established companies which specialize on electric motor repair parts are your lifeline when you need motor repairs. Getting it repaired rather than buying a new one, will need less time since many repair companies are able to come to you and check on your motor 24 hours a day. There are numerous electric motor repair companies that have special lifts and cranes to repair large and heavy motors. When considering of purchasing a brand new electric motor, you should realize the difference of costs when you replace or repair it, and what are the benefits you get from both. Keep in mind the installation and running costs to get the complete idea of total expenditures.


To get an economical and fast solution to a broken motor, browse for repair shops which provide electric motor rewinds. Rewinds, however, can possibly cause a decrease in the efficiency of a motor. This is why you have to make sure that the rewind on the motor will not lessen the reliability and efficiency of the motor. Companies who provide specialized electric motor rewinds require to have different assets and capabilities. For top grade repairs, qualified and well-experienced riggers are needed to conduct numerous services for on-site and in-house jobs. Cost-effective solutions and efficiency in your business operations will allow you to save on your financial budget and will give you uninterrupted production time. To guarantee efficiency on motors, do not depend solely on repair shops. Incorporate a regular maintenance program for the motors to achieve their maximum working condition and avoid future replacements.

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