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Cool and Amazing Barbecue Pits

4/29/2015 12:47:09 PM | by Heart

Barbeque Pit Fabrication Service

A barbecue pit also called griller or smoker is an item constructed for cooking meat and other root crops which is also known as barbecuing. This pit is a barbecue tool described as a natural or artificial hole or cavity in the ground where charcoals or woods takes place. The charcoal will then produce the indirect heat and high smoke fuels and cooks meat using a slow and low heat until it becomes tender. The barbecue pit is usually seen and used on outdoor environment such as parks, bbq restaurants, or even into your backyard.

There are many kinds of barbecue pits use nowadays. These come in all shapes and sizes, and functionalities used in various applications.

The following are some types of Barbecue Pits and their Functions
• Brick Barbecue Pit
This type of barbecue pit composed of the following parts; firebox, grill grate, base, solid brick walls, charcoal.

- Firebox is the inner wall of the barbecue pit wherein it is called the refractory brick. It is made of fire clay to add heat retention.
- Grill grate can be a stainless steel or a porcelain-coated cast iron that is rustproof and supported by brick ledges.
- Base of the barbecue pit provides the stability wherein it can be a thick pad of fiber that is reinforced over a filled crushed stone.
- The Solid brick walls serve as a header and a stretcher borders.
- Ash/charcoal pan which is the metal sheet that holds the fuel as well as simplifying the ash removal.

• Stainless Steel Barbecue Pit
A barbecue made from sturdy stainless steel and ceramic material that is best used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has an easy to empty and refill charcoal plate.

• Portable Barbecue Pit and charcoal grills
An easy to transport barbecue pit which has smaller and lighter weight than ordinary griller. It is great to take on camping, summer outing, picnics, and tailgating.

Also, amazing styles and features of barbecue pits can be seen in the barbecue nation.
A barbecue nation features a unique live grill embedded on each table wherein the customers have to cook their own food. It allows them to experience a real barbecue party provided with the marinade and sauces needed.

Some people or stalls also use the following barbecue pits designed for exceptional and pleasurable barbecue party.
• Grills to Go!
It makes the grills which can get up and go. This type of barbecue pit features a 12 ft stand that uses wood as its fuel. It moves the grill up or down to fine tune the cooking temperature.

• Nexo Fireplace and Grill
It is an outdoor fireplace designed and constructed on the Danish Island of Mors. This kind of grill made from a steel reinforced and pumic stone refractory core which is covered with a brilliantly colored sandstone rock.

• Backwood Smoker’s “The Competitor”
“The Competitor” is a type of smoker that can cook around 135 pounds of Boston Butts of 21 Slabs of ribs at once. It consists of 8 shelves that have 20” x 20” measurement each giving a total of 22ft2 of cooking surface.

• The Bar-B-Q Shack
It is a unique mobile home featuring its barbecue grill. It is a concession trailer with a cabin installed with a 4ft barbecue smoker.

• Kamado Ceramic Barbecue Grill
It is an artistic and magnificently designed barbecue pit invented by Richard Johnson. It is stated that this method of cooking makes better flavoring for broiled and baked food.

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