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Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

5/11/2012 6:26:16 PM | by Anonymous


Those belts that you see at airports or restaurants that transport food or other stuff around an area are only just one part of conveyor systems. By definition, conveyor systems or conveyors are pieces of mechanical equipment that transport materials or other stuff from one area to another. These systems are usually applied in carrying of bulky items in manufacturing factories. The fact that they allow for quick and efficient transportation makes them very popular in the manufacturing industries.


The main and most important component of conveyor systems is the conveyor belt which is responsible for the moving of materials. It usually has two pulleys that are looped onto rollers for continuous motion or sometimes uses flat pans along the path to generate continuous motion. The powered pulley is called the driver whereas the other pulley is called the idler.


Conveyor systems are used widely in the industry today due to the many benefits they provide.

  • They can transport materials safely from one place to another and at the same time saving cost for human labor.
  • Installation for these systems is easy and they are safer as compared to using forklift or other machinery to transport goods.
  • They come with safety features to prevent accidents while still being able to carry bulky items.


Conveyor systems are being utilized in industries such as automotive, food processing or bottling. To ensure that the conveyor system works to its best ability and smoothly, one should know its application and the types of materials that it would be carrying beforehand. Also, the user should know in advance, if the conveyor system has to be a big and powerful one or a lightweight one carrying small items. Regular care maintenance has to be performed on the system to check for any faulty parts to be replaced and to ensure that it reaches the peak of its lifespan.

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