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Consulting Engineers

2/28/2013 8:59:45 AM | by Anonymous

Engineers: Consulting

A consulting engineer is a professional service which provides nonaligned expertise in engineering, science and related areas to industries, developers, governments and construction firms. Most consulting engineering companies provide consulting engineering services however there are also sole practitioners who offer their services as well. Consulting engineering companies typically range in size from a partnership of two people to multinational corporations with tens of thousands of employees in offices world wide.


Businesses work with engineering consultants to help them meet their construction and design needs. Engineering consultants come into the field after receiving an engineering degree and gaining several years of experience in the field. They are knowledgeable in any field of engineering consulting they are involved in. Engineering is a very extensive filed and it is essential for a consultant to have a very clear understanding of everything a potential client may need.


The job scope of an engineering consultant is varied. Because there is a wide field in the topic of engineering, there are almost no restrictions to the work a consultant can be appointed to do. They perform numerous types varied types of work for several different types of businesses. Engineering consultants find results that meet or exceeds the requirements of their clients.


An engineering consulting firm often performs traffic studies. They are involved in creating designs for the latest subway systems, planning roadways and plotting traffic patterns. Such firms assist in designing better pavement for roadways which will require less maintenance and will last longer. Consulting firms also inspect and design bridges.


Mechanical engineering is one of the areas in which engineering consultants may work in. A consultant’s job in this case is to help construct plans for a more efficient cooling and heating system in a big-scale building. Consultants may also be appointed to help in processing exhaust and ventilation fumes, designing commercial kitchens and improving indoor air quality.


An engineering consultant is also able to work with businesses to invent solutions for electrical issues. This can involve designing a better lighting for a parking area or portions of the building. They can also work on planning for an emergency energy generator as well as regulating energy distribution. An engineering consultant’s job scope can also extend to designing a security system complete with video surveillance equipment as well as designing a fire detection system.


Such consultants might also be able to work on the plumbing system of a building. Water heaters, hot and cold water distribution, ventilation and waste removal are all some examples of what an engineering constants work on. Engineering consultants are also proficient in designing sprinkler systems which are used to control fires.


Designing an airport can also be right up an engineer consultant’s alley. Planning walkways through parks, assisting with landscape designs and land assessments are also part of a consultant’s job. He or she may also design flood plans making sure that there are sufficient drainage ducts in order to prevent flooding repairs which may be cost-heavy. Consulting engineers also plan residential sites for commercial, government and residential use as well as aiding with zoning decisions.

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