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Watching TV on your PC made easy!

3/5/2013 3:18:26 PM | by Anonymous

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Computers have been part of our life for many years and we have begun to use them for more things than ever before. They have been used to help us socialize, listen to music and to do work. Most people have the television on so that they can watch TV at the same time that they use the PC. Because of this, it is only natural that we would begin to watch television on the PC.


With more advanced computer screens and monitors, the television watching experience can be just as good on a PC as it is on an actual television set. In some cases, it might be even better. If watching television on your PC sounds like something that you want to experience, here are some of the different ways that is possible.


• Online

Watching television online is the most popular way that the computer is used to watch television shows. Some have even found that an internet connection is all that they need and have cancelled their cable or satellite contracts all together. This is because the vastness of the internet makes it possible to view almost anything.


Most television networks know this and have acted accordingly by posting new television shows on their website at around the same time that it plays on TV. This way no one is updated with a new show no matter how they decide to view it.


Watching television online allows you to watch older episodes too. The days of waiting months for a rerun to play on television are gone. Numerous websites are archives that go back at least five years.


Some websites offer subscriptions that must be paid to view the content but other sites let you view for free. This is all done legally and honestly so you can watch without worry.


• PC as a TV

If you want to turn your computer into a television more directly, a TV tuner will need to be connected to your computer. Some newer Media Center PC’s will have a tuner already built in. if you have an older computer and you are computer savvy, you have the option of installing a tuner card into your PC. For others, an external tuner may be a better option.


With an external tuner, users can connect it to their computer through a USB port. This way is not invasive to your PC and it can be removed easily when it is not being used. This makes them portable and easy to share with more than one computer.


Setting up an external tuner is an easy process. Basically, you insert the tuner into your USB port. Next, you’ll want to connect your television connector cord (an antenna can also be used) into the other end of the external tuner. From there, you will need to install the software that came with the tuner. After everything is installed, the program will then direct you on what the next steps are.


• DVDs

The easiest way to watch television on your computer is through a DVD. Watching TV through a DVD is very user friendly, does not require an internet connection and it gives viewers the most control over how they watch TV.


Most television shows are released in DVD sets by the season. These sets let users watch TV at their own pace and it is easy to rewind, fast forward or pause the show.


Without a doubt, computers are becoming more useful in our every day life. Even something as simple as watching TV is now more simple and easy to do through a PC. Through technology, more things will be made possible every day.


Author Bio: This has been a guest post from Mark, at Australia's favourite TV on PC website. If you'd like to know more about how to watch TV on your PC, head to their site.

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