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Computer Servers and Types of Servers

9/30/2013 3:32:56 PM | by Anonymous

Computer Server

As technologies rapidly grow in today’s times, computer servers have become an essential part of life as many major technology companies such as Google and Facebook require servers to run their operations.

A computer server is a system that attends to requests and responds over a network to provide a network service. A server can be running on hardware or software. This means that a computer could be a server. Sometimes, many computers could be running servers and in larger technology companies, they have rooms dedicated just to contain the servers.

Types of computer servers

There are many types of computer servers and each type of server depends on its purpose. Certain types of computer servers and their uses are:

Application server

An application server is usually a software framework that approaches the creation of an application based server implementation, disregarding the functions of the application. Most application servers have an extensive service layer model. The developer is able to access the components of the acting application server through an API that is made by the platform. Apart from being generating web pages, they are able to provide certain services such as load-balancing; clustering and fail over so developers can implement the business logic. For java application servers, the server acts as a virtual machine for running various applications. They are able to handle connections to the web client and handle connections to the database simultaneously.

Communication servers

A communication server is a standards based, open computer server that acts as a platform for a range of communication purposes. The servers are often carrier grade, which means that they are extremely fast and reliable in telecommunications. Communication servers are usually the basic platform whereby network infrastructure elements such as multi media systems and wireless broadband are built upon.

Some features of communication servers are firstly they are open, which means that a wide variety of users can use them. This gives greater availability of tools to assist with developing and integrating applications on the interface. As mentioned earlier, communication servers are also carrier grade, this means that they are of high quality which can last for more than ten years.

Database server

A database server is a type of computer server that provides database services. Some programs or computers rely on the client server model in order to gain access to the data base. There are two sides to a server, the front side is where the user is requesting the data and the back side is where the server handles storage and data analysis. Even though most of the database servers use the same query language, they differ in structure and logic.

Game server

A game server is a computer server that handles operations of online multiplayer video games to enable connected users to play together in real time. The server transmits data such as the players’ input and processes them to give an accurate display of the video game.

Proxy server

A proxy server is a type of server or application that acts as a medium to handle requests from users finding resources from other various servers. Firstly the user connects to the proxy and requests for a service, such as a connection, access to a webpage, or a file. Most proxies help greatly in facilitation the process of accessing information on the internet.

Sound servers

A sound server is a type of computer server that aids with audio streaming, stand alone or network applications for playing audio files. Recently, numerous sound servers have emerged causing a diversification problem as some servers may concentrate on features for the average user while others may focus on providing low latency. This is a problem more for developers as they have to accommodate different coding techniques depending on the different types of servers used.

Thus, computer servers are essential not only for our productivity needs but for our recreational needs as well. Without servers we would be unable to enjoy surfing the net, or easily communicate with others.

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