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Comparison between Plastic & Metal Rods

10/18/2013 10:37:55 AM | by Anonymous

Plastic Rods

A threaded rod is a plastic or metal shaft that is thread along its entire length and is used as a fastener in a variety of applications. The fastening component can either be cut into smaller parts before being used or used in its original size and they can be found in the building constructions, automobiles, marine vessels, drilling operations, heavy machinery and aircraft.


Nylon and plastic threaded rods are fast replacing the superiority enjoyed by their metal counterparts hitherto. The nylon and plastic versions are preferred for several reasons. Here are some reasons why nylon and plastic rods are becoming more highly preferred these days:


  • Usually, metals are heavier which nylon and plastic rods can be engineered to be extremely light in weight. They are an advantage in weight-sensitive applications such as the aerospace and marine industry.

  • Nylon and plastics materials can demonstrate a better resistance to chemical and other corrosive materials. Also being chemically inert, these materials are suitable for use in applications that are exposing to the rods directly and in contact with corrosive and caustic substances.

  • With today’s advanced grades of plastics and nylon available in the market as well as is possible to obtain threaded fastening rods that have a very high melting point and they can also be used in high temperature applications without the fear of melting.

  • Nylon and plastic rods can be machined much easily as compared with metal rods. The costs and time associated with machining these rods are also lower.

  • The important characteristic demonstrated by these rods is their resistance to spark and flammability as well as they can be used in high voltage electrical systems.

  • Even though, there have been concerns pertaining to the strength and sturdiness of the plastic and nylon rods but these concerns have been put to rest with the use of high-grade plastics and nylons that demonstrate unmatched strength. All the strength of these fasteners comes close to certain types of metals.

  • The plus point is that these nylon fasteners are far more economical than the metal rods. The cost of various metals is rising day by day and it does not always make good business sense to invest in such expensive threaded rods.


Therefore, it is evident that the plastic rods and nylon rods variants offer a variety of advantages over their metal counterparts. This is also why more and more industries in the worldwide are switching over to plastic and nylon rods because they are better in several aspects. The threaded rod range is also available in a variety of diameters, lengths, colors and sizes.


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